The Truth About Net Neutrality

If you believe in freedom and liberty, you must oppose any attempt by the Government to enforce, regulate, legislate or in any way coerce or usurp the internet, and this includes the upcoming FCC “Net Neutrality” takeover under the false flag of fairness for all.

Please watch Stefan Molyneux’s succinct and startling video about the history that Government has played in the telecommunications industry, creating the very monopolies it markets to us that it will prevent, then arguing that the monopolies it has created cannot be undone, therefore, we must trust Government again to fix what it has broken so many times before, yet again, just one more time…and by the way, just ignore the fact that it also hands them the last true vestige of freedom we had left…the internet.

It doesn’t matter how small or innocent it seems, once the Government has the ability to control something, anything, in any degree, its efforts to expand that control begin immediately. It will slowly, over time, consolidate and acquire and usurp and inch itself forward, inch by inch by inch, assuming more and more oversight, coercion, influence, control and at some point, wealth.

Ignorantly, narcissisticly, altruistically, Americans that support the FCC Net Neutrality efforts are actually participating in crony capitalism and corporate fascism, the very things the Occupy Movement so voraciously hated and what Libertarians have been fighting against for decades. The Government is trying to convince The People to support the partnership of private interests on the internet, with the coercive, politicized and violent arm of the Government.

A partnership forged in hell, that has always, and ultimately, led to cronyism, dirty money, censorship, favorable legislation to those who pay the most or provide the most favors, the stifling of competition, excuses for future takeovers and expansions, rising consumer prices and the moral hazard of regulatory capture where the very companies being regulated become the regulators and vice versa.

In this assault on our freedom, both Libertarians and Occupiers should join forces and defeat this expansion of corporate fascism, but only in America could the Government convince the majority of The People that what they see is not what they see, and what they think will happen won’t happen, and that what they’ve heard just isn’t true, and that all of the evils of past Government expansions just won’t apply in this one and only case, that just this time…that just this one time, somehow, the Government will be different.

And like a wife forgiving her husband for his 28th transgression, the American people will once again, lazily, ignorantly, forgive and forget, and allow the Government, the FCC, to get its way. Or…you can,


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