Truth Through Omission

‘Truth through omission’ is not lying.  It is answering a question without providing all of the necessary information an individual would need to make an informed choice.

It is the politician’s front line tactical weapon of their trade.

In the following video, the government is asked if illegal immigrants will be covered by the proposed health care bill.  From the 30 second time frame to the 2:00 time frame you can hear the governments response.  It is an eloquent, concise and convincing response.  This is the response that the major news outlets in television and newspaper have parroted in their reports to the public.

The problem is, there is one fact that was ‘omitted’ from the government’s answer.

HR 3200, Title II, Section 246 states, “No federal payment for undocumented aliens, states that “Nothing in this subtitle shall allow federal payments for affordability credits on behalf of individuals who are not lawfully present in the United States.” This is the truth of the government answer.

On July 30, 2009 Representative Nathan Deal proposed an amendment to the health care bill that would require applicants for the current government health care plan to prove citizenship.  There is already an existing government program called S.A.V.E.  which stands for “Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements” that is already in use for other entitlement programs where the government wants to screen for illegal immigrants.  S.A.V.E was proposed as a solution for health care applications as well.

The amendment lost by one vote.

So in summary, yes the health care bill does state that illegal immigrants are not permitted to receive coverage for health care but unfortunately, there is no trigger in the system to actually check the applications for citizen status.  Therefore, the government can say with all truth that the health care reform bill does not provide health care for illegal immigrants as long as they omit that there is nothing in the application process that actually confirms citizenship.

A good analogy would be a road with a speed limit that the police are told not to do radar on.  What good is the speed limit if nobody is checking the speed?

In addition, everyone is required to apply for insurance, otherwise we will be penalized with an additional tax.  If you are lucky enough to be illegal, then you don’t have to apply for insurance because as far as the government is concerned, you don’t exist as a citizen.  And lastly, you can hear the government say in the video that illegal immigrants showing up at hospitals for care will not be turned away.  Incredible.  So while the rest of us are forced into this government run health care plan or penalized if we choose not to, illegal immigrants can continue to come here, receive health care for free, and not be penalized for not having any insurance.

In a recent Rasmussen poll, 80% of those polled agreed that illegal immigrants should not receive coverage in the universal health care plan proposal.  I thought in school they taught us that government represents the will of the people.  If 80% of Americans agree that illegals should not receive coverage, then why was the amendment to support the will of the people defeated by the House…the House of supposedly Representatives?  Who are they representing, if not the people?

The government is not controlled by the people…not any more.

The lobbyist groups who support illegal immigration have way more money, way more power and way more influence then us lowly ordinary tax paying, law-abiding citizens.

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  1. Born in the USA. If a pregnant woman is not s US citizen and runs across the boarder or comes to the country on a ship, it does not automatically allow her baby (that is born in the USA) to be a citizen. We should spend more time protecting our boarders from the all the illegals that are tearing down our great country especially in healthcare, employment, and education.

    Solution: Become a live organ donor or get the hell out of our country!

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