Union Thugs Bus In Union Lemmings To Demand More Money From You

Raise Our Neighbors Taxes! Raise Our Neighbors Taxes!

Believe it or not, this is a positive post. Now that the Unions have become completely unhinged from reality, they are forced to creep out of their dark holes into the sunlight where we can all see them for what they really are.

Hat tip to Mish today for an excellent post on 15,000 Union protestors chanting “Raise my taxes!”

So let me get this straight…while millions of Americans are out of work and while millions more still working have had flat or declining salaries for years now and while local, state and federal governments scramble to close gaping budget deficits by raising taxes, creating new taxes and cutting services…these spoiled brats in the Unions get bussed down to the Illinois capital by their Union thug bosses to demand…DEMAND…that YOUR taxes be raised so THEIR salaries, guaranteed retirement benefits, early retirement guarantees and health benefits for life remain pristine and untouched by this economic recession?

“Thousands of protesters bused down by labor unions and social service advocates rallied at the Capitol today in an attempt to pressure state lawmakers into raising the income tax to avoid more budget cuts.

Bus after bus pulled up on streets surrounding the Capitol complex and dumped sign-waving protesters clad in purple, green, red and blue shirts that represented a show of strength from a variety of public employee unions and dozens of groups that chanted
‘Raise my taxes! Raise my taxes! Raise my taxes!'”

Does it even occur to any of these people that they are actually outside, in the sunlight, chanting into the TV for all their neighbors to see, demanding everyone’s taxes go up, even their next door neighbors?

This has nothing to do with “the children” which I am so tired of hearing, this has everything to do with a select, organized group using their coddled masses to influence the legislature to steal more of your money and give it to them.

And don’t think because you don’t live in Illinois that this is just their crazy Union. This is the Union mentality. This is how they operate….everywhere, even in your neck of the woods.

I hope it stays sunny where you are.

Video can be found here.

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