Government Says You Must Stop Eating Salt

Big Brother is now watching how much salt you’re eating.

I hope this is what everyone wanted, because it’s finally here…a government nanny state of epic proportions that is hell-bent on controlling every aspect of your life.

As reported yesterday in the Washington Post, two Democrat politicians, Tom Harkin and Rosa DeLauro ran out of important things to do and began moving forward with plans to require food companies to reduce the amount of salt they use in your food.

Tom Harkin knows more than you because he has a degree in Government & Economics and was a lawyer helping poor people while Rosa DeLauro has a degree in International Politics. Obviously, these two politicians are well beyond qualified to make you eat less salt. They might have even talked to a Doctor and stuff.

Some report somewhere currently estimates you consume 1.5 teaspoons of salt when you should only be consuming 1 teaspoon. As a result, they will begin passing laws to reduce the amount of salt you can eat by controlling how the food you  buy is prepared.

Can anyone please tell me where in the Constitution it says the government has the right to control how much salt I consume? The founding fathers were smart people, I’m sure they thought about how much salt I should eat, right?

No, they did not. Because it’s not government’s BUSINESS to do anything about the amount of salt I eat. Because as soon as we say it is their business, then it also becomes their business to regulate everything else we eat.

It’s only a matter of time before they begin regulating…

…the soda we drink, how much fat we can buy, the types of meat we eat, the candy we eat, the sugar we consume, the oil we cook our food in, the amount of caffeine we consume, how much coffee we can drink, the chips we eat, the fast food we consume, how many carbs we can consume, how much mercury tainted sushi and fish we can consume, the amount of raw egg products we eat and the kind of butter we buy.

Why not? They want to regulate salt. SALT!? Obviously that is small potatoes compared to soda, fast food, etc…

If they are willing to control salt, then all of these “bad things” are now open for them to regulate.

Government can begin regulating the portion size restaurants can serve you, how large an order of fries can be at your favorite fast food place, how much meat they can use in a burger and its fat content, a maximum soda size you can buy and how much sugar it can be made of, a maximum coffee size you can buy, a limit on the number of pastries you can order with your coffee and what they are made of, whether you can buy whole milk or only 2%, how much bacon you’re allowed to buy and how much salt and fat is in it, controls on the food and condiments available at baseball and amusement parks, limits on the size of cotton candy cones, ice cream and funnel cakes and what they are allowed to be made of and in what “acceptable” government proportions.

And if after you read all that you want to tell me I am crazy…that government would never do that…then I would say to you…”What would you have said to me if I told you before this news story that government would try to control how much salt you eat?” I’m sure you would have said I was crazy then too…and yet, here we are…with government trying to control how much salt you eat.

Our government is OUT OF CONTROL. Orwell was right about Big Brother, just a little early.

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  1. The government is not going to take away your salt.

    I think there was a great deal of exaggeration and misinterpretation of yesterday’s news….the media would prefer to say “the government is banning salt” than to say “hey y’all, there’s um this new report, and it says salt might be bad for you, and you should probably not eat as much.” That would be boring, no one would watch/read it, it wouldn’t sell ads.

    The truth of the matter is… the government (FDA) was approached by the Institute of Medicine and asked to regulate sodium used as fast food preservatives. The FDA said NO, but we’ll help you raise awareness. IOM gets their funding various ways, but the goal of their research is to continue getting funded and to do that they have to prove an impact. They make these types of requests to the FDA all the time.

    I agree with you, we should be personally accountable for the crap we eat. Nice photo but I’m confused as to how Obama is related to the FDA?

    • Bumblebee…thanks for your post.

      First I’d like to point out that on the IOM website, found here, it states that “…in 2008, Congress asked the IOM to recommend strategies for reducing sodium intake to levels recommended in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. In this report, the IOM concludes that reducing sodium content in food requires new government standards for the accept­able level of sodium.” So on the IOM’s own website we have an acknowledgement that our own government asked the IOM how to reduce the consumption of salt in our diets and the IOM acknowledged that the reduction of salt requires, “new government standards” for “acceptable levels of sodium” which means, our nanny-state government telling us how much sodium we can have. So again, why is our government even getting involved in my salt and asking the IOM for anything?

      Furthermore, in an article today in the WSJ entitled, “Will Low-Salt Pretzels Taste Just As Good?” Jane Henney, a former commissioner of the FDA during the Clinton administration is quoted as saying that the FDA, “will have to review standards category by category” for different food areas to “set levels for added salt in everything from snack foods to canned soups, breads and cereals.” Your comment that the “FDA was approached by the IOM to regulate sodium” sounds like the two agencies are completety independant of each other and that this was simply one agency making a suggestion to another agency. Sounds good, but…

      Jane Henney is far from independant between these two agencies. As part of the IOM (the “independent” agency) she stated in the WSJ article how the FDA (our government) should control salt consumption by Americans, but she used to also be the commissioner for the FDA (she worked for them twice actually) and now sits as Committee Chair for the IOM. In fact she was the Committee Chair on the IOM’s, “Committee on Strategies to Reduce Sodium Intake” which can be found here.

      So when you say, “the government (FDA) was approached by the IOM and asked to regulate sodium,” and it just so happens the prior commissioner of the FDA, Jane Henney, now sits as the Committee Chair for the IOM…I have to say we have more than what one would consider two independant agencies just shooting the breeze…which I believe is what you were suggesting. What we have is one person who has served on both agencies saying, “Hey, this is a problem and the FDA (my former agency) needs to do something about it.”

      In the same article, the FDA is quoted as stating that, “a federal working group will look into ways of cutting salt but that the agency hasn’t started working on such regulations.” To me, that is just a matter of time…clearly the Feds are looking at it, they’re just not prepared to say anything more about it…yet. In addition, as to your question on Obama’s involvement, the same article states that the, “White House is meeting with food-industry representatives on a voluntary plan [for the industry to reduce salt], according to an Obama administration official.” I assume that the Obama administration official met with his boss [Obama] before releasing such a statement. The WSJ goes on to say that, “The White House sees such reductions as a major health priority.” Since Obama is the top of the totem pole at the White House, I feel safe in assuming he is okay with all this salt control stuff. Hence my photo.

      If we do not voice our opinion at this “potential” government intrusion of our personal freedoms then it will become a reality. Two not-independant agencies are discussing how it should be done and the White House is on board. To me, that is all we need to start pushing back and expressing our desires to have government stay away from our dinner tables. If we do nothing, this will slickly pass into law as surely as healthcare reform.

      It’s when we say nothing to the “potential” that exists that the silent erosion of our rights occurs in the middle of the night and we wake up the next morning, sodium free.

  2. Thanks Woodchuck. Again I agree with your message…no need for government to regulate salt. I’m not a political guru, I just like to keep up on health news. I think you could make a more effective arguement if you presented balanced information on the topic. I was just commenting based on contradicting reports I had heard.

    The FDA released this:
    “A story in today’s Washington Post leaves a mistaken impression that the FDA has begun the process of regulating the amount of sodium in foods. The FDA is not currently working on regulations nor has it made a decision to regulate sodium content in foods at this time.”

    Here’s a link to their press release:

    • Sounds good to me. In the link you provided it says, ” the FDA will more thoroughly review the recommendations of the IOM report and build plans for how the FDA can continue to work with other federal agencies, public health and consumer groups, and the food industry to support the reduction of sodium levels in the food supply.

      It also says, “The Department of Health and Human Services will be establishing an interagency working group on sodium at the Department that will review options and next steps. Success in reducing sodium intake will require coordinated national action, with participation of all.”

      They could have just come out and said they have no intention of regulating salt, that they have no intention of legislation about sodium…but they didn’t…instead they are “building plans” about the “reduction of sodium in the food supply.” They are going so far as to establish an “interagency working group on sodium” to review options on the “next steps” with coordinated action that will require “participation of all.” All? Who do you think “all” will be? Why create an interagency working group? Why is the FDA working with the food industry to reduce sodium? It is too much meddling…too much government intervening on my salt. And it won’t end with salt.

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