Governor Begs Government Workers To Take A Day Off: Workers Say Hell No

The governor of New York, in an effort to close a $9 billion hole in the budget asked 100,000 state government union workers to take ONE DAY OFF without pay.

They told him to shove it.

All you suckers in the private sector taking pay cuts (assuming you even have your job anymore), 0% cost-of-living increases with no pensions, paying a big chunk of your health care benefits hoping you can retire before you can’t walk anymore, the jokes on you.

Why work in the private sector when you can just work for the government and have guaranteed employment, guaranteed retirement and guaranteed health care? Cradle to grave coverage, brought to you by all those taxpaying suckers.

When the governor attempted to push the furlough through, they asked for an injunction from a judge who of course granted it to them. He wrote, “that the furloughs, which could cost roughly 100,000 state workers a day’s pay, would cause irreparable harm if put into effect and that the unions were likely to win their case in court,” two conditions for issuing a temporary restraining order.

So with that, 100,000 union workers don’t even lose a day’s pay.

California has a $20 billion hole, which makes New York’s paltry $9 billion look like pocket change. I can’t wait to see that cage match…California Taxpayers vs. California Government Parasite Union Workers….ding ding, let the battle begin!

If you want to see what kind of people won’t even take a day’s pay cut, watch the video below…

Articles here and here.

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