Chris Christie’s Got It Right – Let’s Hope He Keeps It Up

I’m watching this guy, Chris Christie. This guy is on point and I’ve been impressed so far with what he’s been able to accomplish.

Obama went to New Jersey during New Jersey’s Governor’s race (three times!) to support Democrat incumbent Corzine who believes in bigger government and increased taxation. Last year, New Jersey overwhelmingly voted for Obama over John McCain by 14%. But Obama was concerned that a swell of anti-big government fervor (like the one I have) would vote Corzine out and Christie in, as Christie is a strong believer in smaller government, less regulation and lower taxes. Obama was right to be afraid as the people of New Jersey tossed Corzine out for Christie and now Christie is on a rampage to reign in New Jersey’s government.

This was one of the first elections where I believe the people watching how much damage a powerful elected official (Obama) who rabidly supports big-government-fundamentalism can do to a country. Voters of New Jersey, after watching Obama for a year in action expanding government all over the place decided it wasn’t for them, and removed Corzine for someone who would reign government in. It’s no small thing that a state that overwhelmingly supported the Democrat party by voting for Obama, has in just one year decided to elect a conservative Republican governor. That is a fundamental shift in what the people want.

In this video Christie educates a reporter who criticized Christie’s “confrontational” tone.

By the way, the reporter who got smacked down by Chris Christie works for the Star Ledger in New Jersey, who has been running around all over the internet trying to kill this video by claiming copyright infringement so I don’t know how long this link will work. I tried to find the video on their own website, but of course they don’t want anyone to see it. Many of the articles in the Star Ledger are against Chris Christie so they don’t want this video to circulate.

UPDATE 5/17/10: Video link was smacked out of cyberspace by the Star Ledger. New post here explains more.

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  1. Saw this on Greta Van Susteren the other night, and was happy! Governing is a tough job, and Chris is not whining or complaining about the previous executive. Chris is tackling his work, and is not afraid to publicly speak out why he’s doing his job. We got the commander in cheif of passing the buck to Bush in our capitol now. If i heard it right, President blames federal failures on oil spill? Isn’t President the chief executive of federal agnecies? He should fire himself as a miserable whiner and complainer. Sarah Palin may not be as bright, but she knew she had to kick the oil executives in their crotch to get their attention to listen to her. The oil guys will laugh at whining and complaining.

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