How an Economy Grows and Why It Crashes

I’m almost finished reading this book written by Peter Schiff and so far I have been both entertained and educated.

Peter Schiff and Thomas Sowell are by far my two favorite authors. In school I read the same economics textbooks you did with P1 and P2 and demand curves and all that and they completely put me to sleep. Nothing was more boring than Economics. Until…

My first “non-textbook” economics book was Freakonomics followed by The Undercover Economist. And honestly, I have the housing bubble to thank for my vast interest now in economics. It was the bubble that convinced me that this was a topic I needed to get smart on, if I could only find a way to learn it without falling asleep.

Those two books gave me what I needed…economic theory that related to my day to day realities. These books, like Sowell’s and Schiff’s, use simple examples that I can relate to, and applied basic economic principles which once understood, can be applied to numerous other things, like the housing market.  It’s like learning how to throw a baseball and then using that same knowledge to throw a tennis ball, softball, golf ball…an egg…the principle is the same, but can be applied to so many other things.

Ever since then I’ve been plowing through books written in a similar, easy-to-digest layout like the books by Thomas Sowell and Peter Schiff.

Above is a video of Peter’s latest book, How an Economy Grows and Why It Crashes, which really breaks economics down into its basic elements and makes it easy enough for anyone to understand. I’m definitely enjoying this book.

On my blog sidebar to the right are many of the books I would recommend.

And lest I forget, I get nothing for plugging Peter’s book (or anyone else’s). Like I’ve said before, my entire mission with this blog is to make information I have available to everyone else.

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