Larry King & Teabaggers

While I was traveling for work last week I just happened to have Larry King on in my hotel room. While I was working I heard someone use the term “teabagger” in referring to participants in the Tea Party Movement (TPM).

The term “teabagger” refers to a sexual act, and anyone who doesn’t understand or doesn’t like the TPM continues to use this term to make fun of them.

Remember when you were a kid and how the bullies on the playground could use words in such an abusive way that without even a single violent act they could tear down another kid to sobbing tears in mere minutes?

I don’t think there is anyone out there who has not had a bully pick on them, make fun of how they look, what they were wearing, their name or where they come from. I know I’ve had my share of bullies.

Calling people names is the bully’s way of forcing submission, and fear, in another person.

The definition of bully includes, “a blustering, quarrelsome, overbearing person who habitually badgers and intimidates smaller or weaker people.”

So every time I hear someone call someone in the TPM a teabagger, all I can think about are the playground bullies who have no other tool available to them but to dominate, intimidate and control someone else through fear.

Why do adults teach children not to call people names and then immediately resort to that tactic as adults?

Larry King video here, Stephanie Miller’s comments start at 0:29.

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