$800,000 Salary for City Manager of Bell – A Tiny Town in Los Angeles County

Bell, a tiny town in the County of Los Angeles of about 39,000 people, mostly Latino, who average between $9,000 and $12,000 a year in annual income are paying $787,637 a year in salary for their Chief Administrative Officer Robert Rizzo, $457,000 a year for their Police Chief and over $100,000 a year for each of their City Council members.

City Council members of a city this size typically receive $400 a month, so about $95,200 less per year than these guys in Bell are making.

How much of an increase did you get last year from your employer? As reported in the LA Times, “Rizzo’s salary has grown steadily over the years, once going up 49% in a single year. His current contract calls for 12% pay hikes every July.”

And what did Rizzo say when he was confronted about his ridiculous salary, “If that’s a number people choke on, maybe I’m in the wrong business.”

Are you ticked off yet?

For some perspective, President Obama makes $400,000 a year to run the entire country and the Police Chief of Los Angeles, a real city, makes half of what the Police Chief of Bell is making.

None of these guys care. They made a fortune while they were in office, and if they retire now under pressure from citizens they’ll simply enjoy their lucrative retirement benefits and not work another day in their life living off Bell taxpayers until they die. If they don’t retire, the city would have to buy out their contracts,which would cost hundreds of thousands of additional dollars.

Is there really anyone left on the planet that doesn’t think government workers aren’t overpaid and underworked? It’s government worker salaries, early retirements, guaranteed retirement benefits and health care coverage that are bankrupting this country and causing all of the states to run massive deficits and raise taxes and lower services.

This is our NUMBER ONE problem. BIG GOVERNMENT. It has to STOP.

If you haven’t read PLUNDER! by Steven Greenhut, I highly recommend it, especially if you don’t mind being infuriated with learning how much government employees are making from school teachers, firefighters, police and other city and state officials.

An excellent website on the “pension-fleecing-of-every-American” is pensiontsunami.com. Check it out.

This is YOUR money.

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