Socialists Use Their Most Powerful Weapon Against The Tea Party – Bad Language

I have to admit, the one thing I do enjoy the most about pro-Big Government socialists who want government to pay for everything but never know how to pay for it…is the curious ways in which they argue their point.

Rather than use logic to engage in a rational adult-style discussion of the pros and cons of the topics at hand and the concerns that the Tea Party has with big government, loss of freedoms and the destruction of the Constitution, the Left and its Socialists and Big Government RINO’s have instead adopted the following debate tactics:

  1. Accuse the Tea Party of being Astro-Turf
  2. Call Tea-Party People, “Tea baggers
  3. Accuse the Tea Party of being Racists
  4. Accuse the Tea Party of being Nazi’s
  5. Wear t-shirts that say, “f*uck tea.”

There is no dialogue. There is no, “We believe the government should control this or that and pay for this or that because of…”

They just hate.

They hate the Tea Party and they don’t bother to engage in a discussion of why their idea is more beneficial to Americans than our idea.

Why? Why is their only defense to use name calling and hatred?

Is it because, as I believe, that hate is all they have? I believe they don’t have a logical argument to explain why Big Government is better, why Socialism is better, why raging deficits and debt spending is better. They simply want Big Government, the end of capitalism, the end of globalization, the end of freedom.

They just want what they want and nobody, including the Tea Party, is going to get in the way.

To read a list of mainstream media and political rhetoric abuse the Tea Party has had to endure, check out Liberty Chick’s blog by clicking here.

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