Californians Approve Huge Increases in their Income Taxes – What the HELL were you thinking?

What was it about Prop 25 that was so hard to understand? I live in California and I understood it just fine.

Talk about a PERFECT STORM. Californians voted for the union-loving politician Jerry Brown and put him in charge, a man who will give the Unions as much money as they want and then we also give him Prop 25, so he can tax the hell out of us to do it. Can you see the storm clouds forming on the horizon yet?

I apologize, in advance, to those of you who voted with me and voted NO on Prop 25. For the rest of you…I am at a loss for words….

Yesterday, dumbass Californians everywhere voted “Yes” on Prop 25, effectively asking the California Legislature to raise our income taxes (and who knows how many other taxes) without any restriction.

Prior to yesterday’s insane approval of Prop 25, California politicians were required to get a 2/3rds vote to pass a tax increase. There were just enough conservatives in the legislature to block an increase in taxes. It was precisely this blocking maneuver that forced Democrats to compromise and cut back on government spending or social welfare programs that protected all of us from enduring runaway tax hikes. It was this blocking maneuver that made the budget process late.

Now, Prop 25 passed thanks to taxpaying Californians who I guess, thought they weren’t paying enough in taxes. Now the budget process only requires a “simple majority (think 51 out of 100),” not a 2/3rds majority (think 66 out of 100). It’s a lot easier to get 51 votes than it is to get 66 votes, so now they can raise taxes all day long 24/7 with nobody to stop them.

California government is run by the Democrats. The handful of Republicans in Sacramento was the only thing protecting us from higher taxes. You just destroyed that protection.

Democrats do not want smaller government, they want bigger government. They are supported by the Unions during their elections and therefore pay the Unions back by always approving increases to their pension benefits, health care benefits and salary increases. And who was the largest supporter of Prop 25 by spending $3.5 million to make sure it passed? A Union of course! The California Federation of Teachers.

YOU have just given them a blank check. Our state government can now expand as much as it wants, create as many social programs as it wants, give the unions whatever benefits they want…and when it comes time to pass the budget there will be a gigantic hole, a massive deficit…and this time, there will be no haggling, no arguing, no horse trading, no government spending cuts, they will simply raise your taxes to whatever amount is necessary to close the gap. That’s it.

The following year, they will expand government even more, pay the unions even more, and come time to balance that year’s budget, they will close the gap by increasing your taxes…again. They will continue to do this year after year after year.

And if you fell for that stupid line in the law that said the politicians won’t get paid the entire time the budget is not passed, you get a special moron medal. The only reason the budget missed the deadline, was because the Republicans refused to allow the Democrats to raise taxes in order to pass the budget. But now, since you handed the entire process over to the Democrats, they don’t need to negotiate with the Republicans and can just pass the budget easily, by just raising taxes. So no, we won’t miss a budget deadline again and YOU (an ALL of us) will pay DEARLY for that, in higher taxes.

Damn it. Where’s the Tylenol?!

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