Banning The McDonalds Happy Meal Toy – San Fran Decides All Parents Are Too Stupid

Government needs to leave my McDonald’s Happy Meal alone.

In a nutshell, politicians think you are too stupid to keep your kid from eating too many Happy Meals. And since you are too stupid, the politicians will pass a law to protect your children from your own stupidity.

San Francisco continues its erosion of your freedoms by denying your right to choose if your child can have a Happy Meal with the toy unless the meal meets certain nutritional standards.

Remember, this is not about whether this is a good idea or not. This is about the right of anyone with any idea,  good or a bad, to force you to surrender your freedoms to their control and make you submit to their will.

Do you believe that someone else should have the ability to take your freedom to choose away from you?

The following is an open letter to everyone who supports this ridiculous invasion of my freedom…

Nobody is making you take your kid to get a Happy Meal. You are free to take your kid, or to not take your kid…and I should be free to make the same choice.

I want the freedom to choose.

Your kid is not going to hop in the car and drive there himself, so you are in complete control as to how many Happy Meals your kid consumes.

So even though it is clear that the control lies completely within each parents hands, you still think you know better than me what I can give my child? You must believe that you can judge me? And with that judgment, force me to bend to your will? To take my freedom to choose?

Isn’t that slavery? The definition of slavery is, “the state of being under the control of another person.” In San Francisco, what I decide to feed my family is now under the control of another person. That is slavery.

People who support this idea must admit that they believe the state must take control over parents decisions in order to fight obesity in America. They must admit, that the liberties of free Americans must be ceded to the state and controlled by the government. I dare anyone who disagrees with this law to claim otherwise.

You know, for those of you so ready to lay judgment on everyone else…I hear God may also need some people to help him judge the souls of those seeking admission to Heaven, and it sounds like you think you’re worthy of that as well, no? If you can judge every parent in San Francisco as to their parenting worthiness, you can certainly judge the worthiness of souls seeking admittance to Heaven, right?

Perhaps you think this law is a “good idea,” and that losing a little freedom is worth it? Well then, I should find some things you like to do with your kids, that I consider harmful to them, and pass laws to prevent you from doing them as well? Perhaps I should judge you instead? Perhaps I should come up with some “good ideas” of my own?

What if you take your kids out to ice cream from time to time, maybe as a reward for doing well on a test, should I pass a law that bans stores from selling certain high calorie/high fat ice cream to children under a certain age? Do you ever take your kid to a carnival and buy them cotton candy or fried dough or popcorn with all that salt? Should I pass a law that bans carnivals and street vendors from selling these products to children? Do you ever buy anything at the grocery store like chips or cookies or soda or candy bars? I could pass a law that requires the cashier to do an “age verification” whenever these items are rung up at the register, just like they do for alcohol purchases. Think how much obesity we could prevent if I pass that law? Aren’t those all “good ideas?”

If you support this Happy Meal law, you must support my other ideas, no? They are all good ideas! I dare any of you that supports the Happy Meal law to tell me why we should do that law but none of my other suggestions? Don’t all of these ideas “save the children” and reduce obesity in America?

Kids want 100 gallons of ice cream, a real sports car, a dozen ponies and to play with matches and run with scissors. Getting your kid, or not getting your kid a Happy Meal is not any different from these other decisions that parents make everyday about all the other things kids want, yet most parents seem to be able to keep the scissors out of their kids eye, so its up to them to keep the Happy Meal out of their kid.

Up to them, not you.

Obesity is a problem in this country because parents are lazy and can’t be bothered. The solution to obesity is better parenting, not a thousand laws handed down by holier-than-thou people who think they know best and will cram their will down everyone’s throat, freedom and liberty be damned!

It won’t be long before you find yourself on the receiving end of these laws made by those even more holier-than-thou than you, and you will only have yourselves to blame.

“The right to swing my fist ends where the other man’s nose begins.” ~Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

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