New York rewards kids skipping school with celebrity phone calls

In order to reward kids who skip school in New York, Mayor Boobberg…I mean Bloomberg, has endorsed an automated dialing system that will call truant children and reward their laziness by playing voice recordings from famous individuals such as Magic Johnson, Rocsi, Trey Songz and the Mets’ Jose Reyes.

Did I say reward? I meant punish. New York wants to punish truant children by having really cool famous people call their cellphones when they don’t show up for school. Wait. What?

New York is one of the worst abusers of taxpayers and here is yet another example of Mayor Bloomberg setting up a costly taskforce on truancy which yielded this wonderfully stupid idea, all paid for by you. Yes you! New York receives its share of federal money  just like every other state, and the Feds get 100% of their money from you, so every stupid idea in every state is partly funded by everyone in every other state, which makes this everyone’s problem.

There are three excellent, bulletproof reasons why this is ridiculous:

  1. It’s a stupid idea. Speaking from experience, as I was once a kid that skipped school on occasion, I would not care at all about getting a celeb robo-call. Zero. I can promise you, none of these kids will either. How does getting a recorded phone call from Magic Johnson change the fact that I am having a blast taking a day off of school and partying with my friends at Kent Falls? I could care less. Call me 10 times a day when I skip, I don’t give a hoot, I’m too busy watching some girls from school shimmy out of some cutoff jeans into a bikini to come swimming with me. Robo-call? Who gives a crap!
  2. Nice ideas are almost always not good ideas. Everyone likes to hop on board the “nice idea bandwagon” but never stops to consider what the cost is. If we paid for every “nice idea” that was possible, we would be bankrupt tomorrow. Since NY is already bankrupt, they shouldn’t be spending anything. Not one penny.
  3. WE CAN’T AFFORD IT. New York brings in $43B a year in revenue but spends $108B. They owe approximately $122B in debt, health and pension benefits and pay $4.2B just on the interest payments for that debt.To put that in perspective, that is the same as a family making $50,000 a year spending $125,000 a year while owing $140,000 in credit card debt and spending $5,000 of their $50,000 a year income just paying the interest on the credit card.

So if your family was in this financial situation, would you still think it makes sense to take on even MORE debt to fund this ridiculous program or would you use that money to pay off your debt?

This is not my problem. This is their parents problem, and I don’t like paying taxes so some state government somewhere can expand their socialist agenda by trying to solve every social problem we have. I refuse to pay a tax to make up for crappy parents in a state I don’t live in. Once you agree to pay for a parents failure, then you sign up to pay for every single thing those parents fail on and I would think you’d prefer to keep that money and spend it helping your own family, not someone elses.

On top of that, once we are on the hook to pay for every parents failure everywhere in the country, that becomes an incentive for bad parents to get worse since their problems and the cost of those problems are simply shifted to us.

Speaking of school, engineers have given the infrastructure of our country including the roads, highways and bridges a “D” grade.  Too bad politicians are busy pissing away money on celebrity phone calls to truant kids so we can keep driving on torn up, pot-holed roads and cross our fingers as we scurry over every crumbling bridge.

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