Wall Street Protestors List Demands – Complete Destruction of U.S. Economy

To show how uneducated our young people are, how broken our education system is, and how influential socialist Big Government has been in indoctrinating the youth of America…here is a list of demands from the Wall Street protestors:

  • Restore a living wage of $20/Hr
  • Guaranteed living wage regardless of employment
  • End all free trade
  • Universal Health Care for all – Only Government – No Private Insurance
  • Free college education for everyone
  • End the use of all fossil fuels
  • Decommission all nuclear power plants
  • Spend $1T on new infrastructure
  • Spend $1T on restoring the forests
  • Add a racial and gender equal rights amendment
  • Abolish all debt


The kids of this country would destroy us completely and send us into the 1400’s if they got what they actually wanted. This is incredibly frightening. It is obvious they have no idea how an economy works and think the government can just create money out of thin air to pay for all of these things.

They sound like five-year old’s listing their wants; a freight train, a jumbo jet, a tank, a leprechaun, a pony, a Unicorn….

A living wage of $20 would ramp our unemployment rate into the stratosphere. Employers will hire one person for $20 instead of two people for $10, etc… Living wages, and minimum wages ALWAYS increase unemployment.

They also want a living wage regardless of employment. If I can get $20 an hour without working, why would I, or anyone else ever work? I’d just sit at home and let the government send me checks.

Universal Health Care? Free college education? Paid for by who? Where do they think the money comes from to pay for these things? These kids are absolutely stupid. This is the crappy thinking coming out of our schools?

End fossil fuels and decommission nuclear plants? So what does that mean? Candles? Wood stoves? How do we produce anything without electricity? Or is their plan to spend $1 Kabillion dollars on solar and wind energy? Who pays for that?

Spend $1T on infrastructure and another $1T on forests? From where? Who pays for that?

Racial and gender amendment? There are reams of laws on the books related to this, like we need another one? As Schiff said, “This one is just red meat thrown at the liberals.”

My favorite…abolish all debt. Wow. That would make the dollar worth less than toilet paper, the entire economy would collapse, anarchy would ensue and we would all be looking for caves to hide in and bury our guns. Abolishing all debt means the end of pension funds, social security, all banks would become insolvent overnight erasing everyone’s savings and investments and all insurance companies would go broke immediately.

It is obvious that our education system has failed them completely and that we have failed them by allowing such a ridiculously horrible and inept education system to continue existing.

Our children are lost, uneducated and illiterate in economics. As pathetic as their understanding of economics is, we might as well teach them that Unicorns exist.

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