What is the recipe for an Angry Mob like the one in Wall Street? Mix three parts fear with two parts ignorance with one part time spent under the burden of debt, unemployment and no future.

Do you see what is happening on Wall Street?

How long will these rallies stay peaceful?

Most of those protestors have the wrong idea. Some are correctly blaming The Fed, Big Government and crony capitalism. The rest are coming out of left field.

The left fielders are blaming globalization, global warming, pointing pitchforks at the “rich” – whatever that means – one of them is complaining about the Jews running The Fed and controlling most of the money…but these are the kinds of rallies that are most frightening.

They have no agenda. They have no solutions. They don’t understand how anything works. They are just scared. They are the ignorant masses and they are getting angry. What they are saying, and “fighting” for is all irrelevant…the point is that they want someone’s head and since they don’t understand what is causing our problems, any head will do.

Ironically, they are most likely the ones that supported Obama and/or all the federal programs, higher taxes, debts, deficits, regulations, social welfare systems, statism and crony capitalism that is hurting them, but again, they are too ignorant to know that. They are preparing the spit and they need something to roast.

For example, the Tea Party rallies are peaceful, respectful…I’ve been to three large ones. They clean up after themselves, and they have three specific goals – Less government, more free market and a return to Constitutional law. They also know how to make those things happen. That’s it. Very simple.

In contrast, the rally at Wall Street is an angry mob that doesn’t understand what is going on or why. The root of fear is ignorance. Since they have no idea what is happening around them, the fear is overwhelming as they know not how to fix a problem that they know not its source. These are the scariest kinds of rallies and we should be seeing more of them. Legions of the young  and the unemployed in the streets throwing hate everywhere because they don’t know what is hurting them so its easier to just hate everything.

It’s like those movies where someone learns how to be invisible or has invisible  powers, and they start attacking someone and you see that person being attacked just lashing out in all directions, stabbing at the air, punching nothing, swinging wildly and flailing in circles to keep whatever is attacking it at a distance. That’s how I visualize these mobs.

This is how the cars start getting set on fire. This is how the looting starts. They have no focus for their anger so they take it out on everything. These are the angry hoards. And the scariest part of all of this, is that the solution to our problem, the real solution, not the phony kick-the-can-down-the-road one Bernanke and Obama have created for us, is to actually increase the pain.

We have yet to actually flush out all the mal-investment and debt, burdening regulations and federal stimulus that is sickening us like poison in the blood stream. It keeps us on life-support but it never allows us to get better. Once we flush that out, we will get violently ill, more so than we are now, but then we will recover and actually gain strength and return to normal.

So if the angry hoards are already massing at the gates based on the kick-the-can-down-the-road “buying time” life support system Big Government, The Fed and Obama have created, can you even imagine what will happen when we do the right thing and unplug our stimulus based heroin drip-feed and go cold turkey?

The people who are not afraid, like the Tea Party people, like Peter Schiff or Thomas Sowell, or The Heritage Foundation, or the legions of others who have educated themselves or spent decades trying to educate others about the truth, and the people that understand how an economy works, why it fails, the problems with fiat currency, with regulation, with malinvestment, with social welfare, with Big Government, are not afraid of this solution because they understand the problem. They are willing to ride out the cold sweats, to suffer yet more pain, to try to get through this because they know strength and normalcy are on the other side.

But the angry hoards, not knowing or understanding the problem, will only become more violent and more reckless assuming that the moves to correct the problem are just more of the same problem getting worse. They will only turn out into the streets in greater numbers, stabbing at the air even more wildly, and ironically, the people enforcing the solution, returning us to greatness, will be the targets of their anger.

My fear…is being ignorant of what these Angry Mobs are capable of. How many will there be? What level of violence, if any, will they resort to? This is only going to get worse, so how long will they remain peaceful? What will they do to those that bring the real solutions if that means more pain first?

This is my fear.

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