New restrictions on loud baby rattles, Colorado Teacher’s Union demands $3B more to…you know…save the children or whatever, Taxpayers forced to buy Obama’s book, California bullet train approved by illiterate voters for $33B now exceeding almost $100B and counting…BIG GOV…all up your a$$ isn’t it? So stop voting for it.

Quick update on Big Government and liberal lies and manipulations in their war against the working class and freedom…

European Union calls for restrictions on how loud a baby rattle can be and new minimum age laws to blow up balloons, found here. Still think Big Government doesn’t want to regulate everything? If we let Big Gov stay on its current path, this is our future too.

In the past ten years, education spending in the state of Colorado has increased by 46% or $3.2 billion…but the Teacher’s Unions want more…and tried to push tax increases for an additional $3 billion…but citizens of Colorado said no and voted it down, they have had enough with Teacher Union avarice and greed, reported here.

Federal Government State Department spends $70,000 of taxpayer money to buy Obama’s books can be found here.

When Nancy Pelosi, the communist, errr…I mean Democrat; whatever…same thing; from San Francisco was asked if the Boeing plant in North Carolina should be shut down by the government if the workers are not unionized, Pelosi answered with a resounding YES. Well, at least she continues to confirm what we knew all along…we have a hardcore socialist operating inside the upper levels of our government. I mean besides the other one.

Famous global warming chart hailed as the “final word” to support global warming seems to have purposely ignored the last decade. Using the same math they made for the famous ‘pro-global warming’ chart crowd…there appears to be no warming at all for the past ten years as stated here. Major news outlets will of course ignore this news since it doesn’t support their “global warming will kill us all” rhetoric in their unending effort to return us all to cave dwelling, sustainable wood-burning, vegan, save-the-planet-and-kill-all-the-humans, tree-hugging cavemen.

There should be a test that people have to pass before they can vote on anything. I voted against this ridiculous and horrific waste of taxpayer money in California, but California proves yet again how stupid most of its citizens are, as the majority voted to spend $33 billion (never wondering where that $33B would come from, of course) to build a high-speed train to link L.A. and San Francisco. The state politicians must sit around having cigars and cognac in the basement of the Capitol building just laughing their asses off at Californians for handing them yet another, in a long line of pork barrel spending projects crammed full of kickbacks, bribes, special favors, inside trading and a hundred other ways to skim millions off the taxpayer and into their pockets.  That $33B has now ballooned to $100B and from a completion date of 2020 to 2033…and not one shovel of dirt has been dug yet…so you can imagine how easy it will be to double and triple this figure by the time it’s completed.

And where is the first part of this atrocious government waste of a crony-capitalist political gravy train going to travel from? Chowchilla to Bakersfield. You know…to alleviate all that congestion between those two major economic hubs of California. And to make it worse, the residents of Chowchilla don’t even want the train and are trying to put up legal obstacles to prevent it from happening. What a colossal joke…and the jokes on you California…you voted for it!!!

Next time…READ THE BALLOT INITIATIVE and UNDERSTAND IT, before you vote to spend other people’s money.

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