Obama Admits During the Debate that his Dream for America is Socialism

In President Obama’s closing statement at [the] debate, he seemed to make a remarkable slip. “All those things are designed to make sure that the American people, their genius, their grit, their determination, is — is channeled and — and they have an opportunity to succeed. And everybody’s getting a fair shot. And everybody’s getting a fair share,” Obama said. ~The Weekly Standard

A fair share. If you reading this make more money than me, or have a nicer house, or a nicer car…I want my fair share…of what you have. Give it to me. Give it to me right now, or I’ll elect Obama and he will make you give it to me.

YOUR slice of YOUR pie in Obama’s America

A fair share. That is the definition of socialism…everyone is entitled to…a fair share…of the pie that someone else baked. That is redistribution, collectivism, liberalism, socialism, whatever name you want to call it. If you think you are entitled to someone’s else’s share, then guess what, someone else is entitled to your share. This is how we all become slaves to each other.

The American people need to understand that when other people that you don’t know are entitled to the fruits of your labor, then, to use Obama’s own words, “the genius, the grit, the determination” of the “American people” goes away, because people don’t like to work hard and sacrifice and strive only to have it taken from them and given to someone else, so they stop working and sacrificing, and then there is nothing left to take and so nothing more to give.

We can see the results of Obama’s, “fair share” dream for America by simply looking at France. Their newly elected Socialist President Francois Hollande is making damn sure France is a country of “fair sharing.” He has imposed a 75% tax rate on the “wealthy,” created a new 40% tax rate for those making over $150,000 and an almost doubling of the tax rate on capital gains. Francois Hollande wants to make sure all the citizens of France get their, “fair share.” This is where Obama wants to go for America. Let’s not forget the video of Obama admitting that raising taxes hurts….hurts…an economy, but that he would do it anyway. Why? “Because it’s fair,” said Obama.

As a result, businesses and the wealthy in France are fleeing out of the country taking their jobs, their capital and their investments with them. A new movement has started called, “The Pigeon,” which in France means, “The Sucker,” because entrepreneurs and businesses all over France realize they are just suckers, being used by the President to pin the blame on for every French citizen’s problems. Pierre Chappaz, a serial start-up company entrepreneur explains it thus:

“I do not know a single startup founder who accept the idea that creating a company, in which it will invest all his savings and years of effort often without a salary, must then give to the State 60.5 % of gain when he sells his company if he succeeds. It should be known that 9 out of 10 startups fail, and in this case nobody will refund the founder. Then, on the 39.5% that he will be left with, it will pay 1 to 2% per year, every year for the ISF (“Wealth Tax”). And when he dies, the state will take 45% of what remains.” ~Mish’s Blog
See? That is Francois Hollande making sure everyone gets their “fair share.” That is what Obama wants to do. The result will be the same in both countries. When the Government takes enough of the pie away from the bakers, the bakers stop baking the pies. Wouldn’t you?

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