Hurricane Sandy Relief Package From Congress Funds Critical Flashmob Arts Festival Performance

We have all heard about Hurricane Sandy and the damage it caused to several Northeastern States. What we have not heard about, thanks to CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, ABC and most of the major newspaper outlets, is how much money was buried inside the disaster relief bill that Congress passed that has absolutely nothing to do with disaster relief and everything to do with buying votes.

I said in yesterday’s post that we all fight each other like rats, begging for Government to share with us some of the wealth it has stolen from everybody else (whether they could afford to part with their own money or not). Those of us who do what Government tells us to do are showered with other people’s money, while those of us who stand up and fight by simply asking Government to leave us alone, are punished by having our hard earned money stolen from us. Here is a clear example of what goes on daily in Washington D.C. and is considered, “just another day at the office.”

obama-adds-pork-to-hurricane-sandy-aid-bill-national-debtFirst of all, a disaster relief bill does not require any “spending offset” which means all $60B of the Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund is added to the National Debt. That means we will either borrow all of that money from China, and pay interest on it to China, or The Fed will print $60B to pay for it which means we all pay for it through inflation or higher taxes.

Without Government, men and women like you and I would simply reach into our pockets and donate to reputable charities that were helping those affected by Hurricane Sandy, much like we have before for tsunami victims in Japan and Indonesia and here at home with Hurricane Katrina. The money would be spent more efficiently, spent immediately, and only on those who truly needed it. Americans donate billions of dollars every year to international relief funds. Americans do not need Government to take care of our fellow humans beings.

But disasters are an opportunity for Government to take all of the money they have stolen from American citizens in all 50 States and dole it out to all of their pro-Big Government supporters in States that are affected by any disaster. It is an opportunity for Big Government to show how charitable they can be with your money (presumably you are too evil on your own to ever care about anyone else), and to reward their faithful followers (and voters) with freebies, gifts, largesse and other benefits, all paid for…by you.

So in exchange for our $60B in additional debt, Alaskan fisheries were showered with $150M, five southern states that were not affected at all by the storm were given millions, $500M was spent on weather forcasting and to help create an ocean zoning plan (a pet Obama Project), $10M for FBI salaries (to monitor blogs like mine, I am sure…haha), $2B for road construction all over the country, funding for the Head Start Program, roof repairs at the Smithsonian (not storm related), $9B with a “B” for the National Flood Insurance Program, $16B for the Community Development Block Grant (a slush fund that local governments can hand out to anyone, i.e. “Friends of Government”) which can be doled out to loyal fans and followers for any eligible events in 2011, 2012 and 2013. Last I recall, Hurricane Sandy was not a three year storm so what would three years of “eligible events” look like exactly? And lastly, my favorite, $700,000 for a Performance Arts Festival that includes a flashmob that will simultaneously hit play on their iPods. I’m assuming whatever is left over will actually go to victims of Hurricane Sandy…eventually. As I understand it, only 20% of the money will be distributed in 2013.

A word on federal flood insurance…stupid. Federal flood insurance distributions beget more federal flood insurance distributions. If you give people money to keep rebuilding in an area that is known to flood, you will forever have to keep giving people money to rebuild in an area known to flood. If you stop giving them money, they will stop building in an area known to flood. This is common sense. But this is not about common sense, this is about Government acting as the Great Benefactor, gently tending to its flock of stupid morons…in exhange for those morons votes and the votes of the morally superior altruists who think we should always help stupid morons.

obama-football-football-coin-toss-spending-moneyNow ask yourself why a family farm owner in Nebraska has to pay for a flashmob festival in New York? Why does the owner of a small computer repair shop in Indiana have to give his money to Alaskan fisheries? Why does a single mom working from home in Nevada have to pay for road construction in the Virgin Islands (yes, the Virgin Islands)? Why does a young family scrimping and saving to buy a home in New Mexico have to pay for someone to rebuild their beach front ocean view home just steps from the sand in New Jersey? This is what Big Government does. It makes us slaves to everyone else and Government gets to decide who the slaves are, how much they get to keep of their own money, and who the beneficiaries are of what they steal.

The debt ceiling is being removed. The Fed has promised to print money forever. The wheels have come off the wagon and Congress continues to spend money we don’t have. Why oh why are Americans not storming the stairs of The Capitol with pitchforks? I will never understand it.

Of course the Democrats fell all over themselves to sign this bill, no surprises there, but so did 20 Republicans. If you see yours here, please make sure to let them know what you think of him and all the other traitors to the Constitution.

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