Happy Fourth of July! America is Dying.

The number of Americans receiving disability payments now exceeds the entire population of Greece, at 11 million. The number of Americans who are unemployed is near 11.8 million, while the number of Americans that have given up looking for a job, and are not counted as part of the unemployed, is around 2.2 million. There are 22 million Government employees, roughly one for every 14 Americans. More people than the entire population of Spain are collecting Food Stamps (SNAP or EBT – see video below), at 47 million, which are used to buy food, alcohol, strippers, lap dances, lotto tickets, cigarettes and to gamble. Food Stamp fraud has more than doubled in just three years. Meanwhile, 4.8 million Americans rely on Section 8 housing subsidies, or similar. When you combine the total taxpayer dollars spent on welfare assistance in all its varied forms, the Government spends $60,000 of your money per household, for every household below the poverty line.

Roughly 49% of Americans receive some form of Government assistance,  If you remove those on Social Security and Medicare, that number drops to 35%. That means 35% of Americans are living off of the other 65% and you can be sure those 35% (and those on Social Security and Medicare) will continue to vote for more programs, more aid, more healthcare and more money. From you.

About 46% of Americans pay no federal individual income tax. If you don’t pay any Federal income tax, then you don’t care if income taxes are increased. That means half of the population would either not care, or would vote to increase federal incomes taxes, which is more likely as they stand to be the most likely recipients of such an increase.

What happens when you combine the millions of Americans who receive a paycheck from a local, state or federal government agency, with the millions of Americans that are dependent one way or another on Government assistance and when half of Americans don’t pay any Federal income tax? You get a welfare nation, where half of the population or more live on the backs of the other half and will always vote for more from those they live off of.

America is on the descent. Our time is up. Our days are numbered. We are not the first great nation to topple into irrelevance, not by a long shot. History is chock full of rich and powerful nations with citizens living well above the global standard of living, only to allow their Governments to consume their wealth and control them until the entire system collapsed. Only a narcissistic and historically ignorant fool would assume that America is somehow immune to following the road to ruin so many before her have traveled. And we will not be the last. Sometime in the not too distant future, the Fourth of July will not be celebrated as a great national holiday of freedom and independence, but as a day of mourning, and reflection, on when we were once independent from each other, in a nation of free citizens.

The slow conversion of Americans to becoming dependent on the Government in one form or another is intentional. The Government does not “fail” to reduce or eliminate fraud in these programs, it simply has no interest in doing so because that would be counterproductive to its mission. Its mission is to make Americans dependent on Government, via any means possible, and therefore vote for increasing the size and scope of Government…forever.

Happy Fourth of July. So on this once proud day, I want you to consider what you will do, to save America? Today is a good day, the best day, to think about that.

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Chapter Jackson, the singer in the video below, was recently on The Peter Schiff Show. On the show Chapter listed all of the benefits that a mother can get from all of the local, state and federal agencies including $5,000 a year for every baby a woman has, up to four babies. That’s $20,000 a year in income…on just that one benefit. This alone incentivizes girls in impoverished neighborhoods to have at a minimum, four children, and with four children it would be impossible for them to ever find a job, which makes them welfare recipients for life. On MTV’s 16 & Pregnant, it is common to learn that the pregnant teenager is the daughter of a mom who had her when she herself was a teen. As goes the cycle for teen pregnancy, so goes the cycle for welfare moms, with each having four babies, with potentially all four going on welfare themselves. How long before this exponential growth consumes the entire system? And by system, I mean your paycheck.

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