Ayn Rand – Her Last Public Appearance

I encourage everyone to set aside an hour to listen to Ayn Rand’s last public interview. She was an incredible woman with extraordinary insight into humanity and moral truth.

Ayn Rand’s work is the antivenin to socialism, also known as liberalism or progressivism. Reading her life’s work strikes a chord in harmony with the essence of our being as an individual sentient entity that is born with the right to live free from the moment we enter this world. The right to live free from tyranny, free from violence, free from each other…free from enslavement, even the “legal” kind we endure today from our Government. (post continues below)

Ayn Rand is Barack Obama’s mortal enemy. Their ideologies are at War for our minds and bodies. Where Obama, in a speech once asked, “When did they decide to make a virtue out of selfishness?” Ayn Rand had already taught us decades earlier the moral imperative and importance found in The Virtue Of Selfishness. Virtue of Selfishness

Ayn Rand fights for our total freedom, Barack Obama fights for our total enslavement. One believes that each individual, in serving their own self-interest, unable to live off of others by using the violent arm of Government, will lift society up to the highest heights of freedom and prosperity, while the other believes humanity is ignorant and evil and must be managed, controlled and punished for behaviors deemed inappropriate by those superior to us by using taxation, regulation, subversion, intimidation, censorship, lies and surveillance. One believes in the goodness of humanity and its ability to work together and prosper while lifting up fellow human beings, the other believes humanity is inherently evil and incapable of taking care of itself or others without guidance, even if that guidance must be violent.

America is the last Republic on Earth, and this War reinforces what Ronald Reagan warned us  about many years ago when he said, “If we lose freedom here, there’s no place to escape to, this is the last stand on Earth.”

Please view the videos below as well. The first is only a few seconds long of Obama declaring the evil of selfishness. The second is not much longer, of Reagan’s speech warning that America is the last stand on Earth for freedom.

The third, if you are willing to listen closely, perhaps replay certain parts a few times to achieve understanding, and apply the full strength of your critical thinking and common sense skills, is a short explanation of the virtue of selfishness that The Virtue of Selfishness book is based upon. Ayn Rand will explain how the very word, “selfishness” has been corrupted by Liberals like so many other words have been by the Government. They call Government Schools, “Public” Schools. They call Redistribution by the word “Entitlements.” Unaffordable Homes that led to the Housing Bubble and bust, were called “Affordable” Housing. The Government Broadcasting Station is called the “Public” Broadcasting Station (PBS). Even the word, “Liberal” once meant fiscally conservative, an Austrian economist that believes in smaller Government and low taxes. But the Liberals usurped the word “Liberal” like the Pod People usurped bodies and assumed their identity, but not their substance. That is why we now have to qualify the word liberal by saying “classical liberal” versus “modern liberal.” She explains the evils of Altruism, where all that matters is what you do for someone else, not what you do for yourself. Where sacrifice for the collective is more important than individual self-sufficiency. Where your very existence, according to the Liberal mantra, is inherently evil. It is an excellent short video.

All three videos are enlightening, educational, and freeing. I stand and fight with Rand. Both of them.

Make your stand.

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