Government Terrorism vs. The American People – Vietnam Vets ‘Removed By Force’ From Vietnam War Memorial


As I was choosing the tags for this blog post, I decided to check the box for TERRORISM. When I saw it, I realized the word terrorism is the most accurate way to describe what Obama and the liberals in Government are doing to Americans, and I include the liberal Republicans in that group. If you type, “define terrorism” into Google, this is the definition returned; “the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.”

There are legal, common sense exceptions to preventing someone from moving about freely, such as private property rights, event crowd control safety, etc… but philosophically we accept that limiting the freedom of mobility is not only unconstitutional and illegal, but is considered violence. We have various names for this such as abduction, kidnapping or illegal detainment but when our freedom of movement is prevented, violence is being committed. The law recognizes this truth, but the Government does not. Obama and his liberal Democrats (and RINO’s) left 83% of the Federal Government still operating, but are preventing Americans from visiting their National Parks, touring the White House, seeing their War Memorials, denying Vets access to healthcare, preventing sick children from participating in cancer research, and on Friday, used police to physically remove Veterans and tourists from the Vietnam War Memorial. It costs more money to prevent people from visiting open-air memorials than to just let them in, but Obama is willing to spend the money (that is to say, borrow the money from China) to punish us for our disobedience. What Obama and the Liberals are doing is clearly defined as terrorism on Americans. By definition, the Government is a terrorist organization of thugs, liars and cheats by committing violence and intimidation on American citizens for its political aims.

In poll, after poll, after poll, Americans have voiced their opinion that they do not want the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). The Government, in violation of what the majority of Americans have demanded of them, is using violence to force our compliance to a law we don’t agree with. Even Democrats who once supported this law, or at least the idea of providing medical care to the uninsurable, have realized how monolithically destructive this law has been to Americans and how the majority of damage to be done is still ahead of us. Not only have insurance premiums skyrocketed under Obamacare, but many Americans have been dropped by their employer’s healthcare coverage or have had their hours reduced to avoid the law. Obama’s lies about getting to keep your doctor and your insurance are now out in the open as millions of Americans have now lost their doctor, or their insurance, because of Obamacare. Obama supporters are looking in the mirror, and realizing they were lied to, they were duped (except the ones I still see with Obama bumper stickers, they are just mentally deficient and nothing can be done for them).

I support the Republicans efforts to shutdown the Government for many reasons. The first reason is to stop Obamacare. Obamacare is an abomination that will destroy the economy, devastate and eventually eliminate private health insurance, lower our quality of care, hand over almost 20% of the economy to centralized Government command and control, provide the Government with vast databases of every American’s medical information, transfer control over life and death decisions from patients, their doctors and their insurance companies to a Government computer formula via the IPAB (if the IPAB formula says the Government has spent all it will spend on you – then you’re done), will allow the Government to monitor and control what we eat, our weight and other aspects of our daily lives in the future and replace private insurance with a one-payer nationalized Government healthcare system run by political bureaucrats with the efficiency and skills of the DMV.

It is only a matter of time before your BMI, your grocery purchases and your life’s activity, or lack of, are measured, recorded and analyzed to penalize or reward you for not meeting certain minimum Government standards of health. Doctors are already required to ask you questions about your sex life, even if that has nothing to do with why you’re at the doctor, and record those answers, which will be stored in a Government database. Are you so naive to think that your answers will not play a role in future government-paid-for coverage decisions? How do you feel about having your risque’ sex activity accessible by the NSA, FBI, CIA and the IRS? My blood pressure is a little high, but I don’t take medications. That is my choice. One day, Government may not cover me for that choice if I suffer a stroke or heart attack. If they one day require that I take heart medications, and I refuse, I will be punished with reduced coverage in the event of a related ailment down the road. They will say due to my decision not to take the required medications, I don’t deserve the same amount of coverage as someone who did. For all you bleeding heart Liberals out there, isn’t that fair? Don’t you agree with that? Don’t be ignorant, petty or stupid and think that is not possible. It’s more than possible, it’s inevitable. When costs ramp out of control, which they already are, this will be one of the most efficient means to reduce them. As I have argued with others before, as soon as I am forced to pay for someone else’s healthcare, should it not follow that I then have the right to control their health? What they eat? How much they weigh? How active they are? What sort of sex they should have? That is a dark, nasty, evil road we are about to travel down.

The second reason I support the shutdown is to stop the increase in the debt ceiling. This will be the 75th time we raise the debt ceiling. The Government has no intention of stopping debt spending. It has no intention of ever paying off these debts. It has no intention of slowing the spending juggernaut down. From one side of their mouth they say the economy is recovering, while out of the other side they demand more social programs, more debt spending, more Fed money printing to, “keep the fragile recovery going.” Just watch, when this shutdown is over, The Fed will blame the, “sluggishness in the economy” on the, “Republican orchestrated” government shutdown. They will hide behind this shutdown as an excuse for an economy already in free fall. This Government…must…be…shut…down.

Below is a list of the current bills that were passed by the Republican controlled House and voted down (or not voted on at all) by the Democrat controlled Senate. The Democrats in the Senate have no conscious. They will shutdown cancer treatment for children, deny Vets access to war memorials (as well as violently remove them from war memorials) and kick families out of national parks. Democrats will do whatever it takes to break your back, to snap your will and force you down onto your knees to let them do what they want to do to you. The Government is a runaway train of debt spending, inflation, economic destruction, socialist reformation, cronycapitalism, greed, sloth, rhetoric, boldfaced lies, graft, terrorists and two-bit used car salesmen in expensive suits with shiny teeth.

Shut. It. Down.

A reporter asking Harry Reid why the Democrats won’t pass the Republican bill to continue funding cancer research trials for children during the shutdown…

BASH: But if you can help one child who has cancer, why wouldn’t you do it?
REID: Why would we want to do that?

Why would he want to help one child with cancer? Indeed.

Reid and other Democrats refuse to support the bill. Cancer research trials will remain suspended to punish the American people for disobeying their Government.

UPDATE 10/4: 25 Democrats broke ranks from Democrat leadership and joined the Republicans and the Tea Party in funding the NIH cancer research for children. But let’s not forget Reid and all the politicians who did NOT fund the NIH and cancer treatment for children.

Many Democrats made sure they got their sound bites on TV for everyone to see including their voters back in their home towns, about how evil the Republicans and the Tea Party were for shutting down the Government which denied cancer research for children. Then, quietly, off-camera, they voted against the Republican bill to fund cancer research for children.

‘“The Tea Party shutdown will deny 200 patients a week—30 of them kids—treatment at the largest research hospital in the world, the National Institutes of Health,” said Rep. Brian Higgins (D.-N.Y.).  “These are often last chance cancer treatments that offer the only hope for kids who are stuck with cancer.”’

Not long after making these remarks, Higgins voted against funding the NIH.

Here’s another one of your elected officials, Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee, doing what elected officials do best…lying to you so you will just shut up and do what you’re told…

‘“Today, more than 90% of 13,500 children and adolescents diagnosed with cancer each year in the United States are cured because of the work of researchers like those working at NIH,” said Lee. “Research is needed to help these young cancer survivors’ live full and productive lives.”’

“Lee quoted Chris Hansen, president of the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network saying that ‘every week the government is shut down, the NIH Clinical Center will have to turn away cancer patients who are eligible to start potentially lifesaving clinical trials.’”

After giving this speech, Lee voted against funding the NIH.

Democrats refuse to support a bill that will reopen the National Parks during the shutdown…

More punishment for our disobedience. In a different article I read that families in hotels and campsites on National Park property were told they had 48 hours to get out. The National Park Service is an infinitesimal part of the Federal Budget, but it hurts us the most to shut down. We feel this pain immediately, and directly, and that is why it gets shutdown first. It is the Government’s leather whip across our backs for our defiance.

Park Rangers have been told to make sure American citizens suffer….

“It’s a cheap way to deal with the situation,” an angry Park Service ranger in Washington says of the harassment. “We’ve been told to make life as difficult for people as we can. It’s disgusting.”

Make life difficult for what reason? Questioning your Government. Attempting to get in their way. You will not speak to your Government in that tone of voice.

The WWII Memorial was barricaded to prevent access. This is an “open air” memorial, the equivalent of a large water fountain in the middle of a public park. It actually took more money to close it to the public than leave it open. As a result, WWII Veterans were prevented from holding a ceremony at the memorial until some Congressmen walked to the site and helped them remove the barriers. The barriers have since been reinforced. You WILL NOT access YOUR monuments. Even if the Government has to spend money to prevent you from doing it.

Republicans presented a bill to fund the Veterans Affairs Department during the shutdown. Democrats refused to support our veterans. The bill was shot down. Veterans must now seek medical assistance elsewhere for as long as the Democrats refuse to help them.

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