Justin Bieber Attacked by Democracy

JUSTIN-BIEBERI was listening to Stefan Molyneux who was sitting in today for Peter Schiff and he mentioned that a petition was recently accepted by the White House to deport Justin Bieber. The Mob has spoken.

This is Democracy.

Democracy is when 11 wolves and 1 sheep decide what’s for dinner. We repeat every day in school a pledge that says, “…and to the Republic, for which it stands, one nation…” but what is a Republic? Not one teacher in the 12 years of my High School education taught me what a Republic is. They did however teach me what a Democracy was, over and over and over again, and the definition was not the reality. It was a lie.

In reality, a Democracy is evil. It is insidious. It is destructive and vindictive and emotional. We were born a Republic to protect us from a Democracy which is The Mob, but we are now a Democracy where the majority rules. Now, the majority can vote on anything they don’t like and make the minority do whatever they want.

More money? Use Democracy to take it from others. More free social programs? Use Democracy to make others pay for it. More employment protections? Use Democracy to elevate the rights of one class over the rights of another class. More free education? Use Democracy to make your neighbors pay for it.

And now? Hate Justin Bieber? Use Democracy to deport him!

Hate blondes? Use Democracy to tax them. Hate Libertarians? Use Democracy to label them terrorists. Hate people who buy gold? Use Democracy to make buying gold illegal. Hate anyone who talks out against the Government? Use Democracy to imprison them. Use Democracy to kill them. Use Democracy to gun them down and pile them into mass graves.

Hell on Earth is when the majority rules, because they will get every dream they have ever wanted given to them, on the backs and blood and sweat and tears and death of others.

Heaven on Earth is when a Republic provides the minorities protection from the majority. In our case, it was the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. That was in the past….

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