State of the Union – Obama’s myRA – Buy Bombs & Save For Retirement AT THE SAME TIME!

BombsGood news! Obama has offered us an opportunity to sign up for his myRA retirement plan account. He went over it during his State of the Union speech last week and it’s very exciting. This thing is great, especially since there’s no money left in the Social Security Account anyway, so we all need a new Government Program to save us in retirement. Man, what took them so long, right!?

So this is how it works, so cool!!! You let your employer know you want to sign up, and how much you want deducted from your paycheck, and then they automatically deduct it and send it to the Government for safe keeping. It will be very, very safe there. I think they said they will keep it in an account called The General Fund or something like that, who cares.

Anyway, let me tell you, Obama offered myRA just in the nick of time. Now that China has stopped buying U.S. Treasuries and unpegged from the dollar, there is nobody left to buy U.S. Treasuries so we can keep issuing debt for our global wars , our exploding social welfare state and to destroy our currency. No worries tho! Obama’s got this one COVERED boyeeeeee! The money that we all send Obama to invest for us in our myRA account only has ONE investment option…U.S. Treasuries! How cool is that!?!?!

YEAH BABY! Now we can buy the bombs directly. No freaking middle man!

The myRA website should have an icon of a bomb on it and every time we invest in myRA from our paycheck, a part of the bomb gets colored in, and when the bomb gets all the way filled in, we get an email and text that we have invested enough to buy ONE WHOLE BOMB. It can even automatically update your Facebook page so your friends know how many bombs you’ve bought!!!

If we’re short we can “buy” bomb pieces to complete a bomb, or “buy” them as birthday or baptism presents or even as Christmas gifts for loved ones during the holidays!  myRA even takes BITCOIN through an IRS sponsored PayPal account!!! Holy Awesomeness!

Then we can sign onto our myRA account and see that we have ‘unlocked’ the IBA (Interactive Bomb App), maybe even get a game badge, which lets us pick where in the Middle East we want to drop our bomb. We can scroll over Iran, or Afghanistan, Syria, we can even zoom in on a Middle Eastern wedding…oh wait, someone already dropped that bomb…anyway, we can pick where we want to drop our own bomb on this interactive map as we unlock locations. I hear that donating $100 to the DNC for 2014 unlocks all of Africa! SNAP!!!

And the more bombs we buy by investing in myRA the more countries are unlocked for us to bomb. If you click on the map, the most popularly bombed countries by myRA account holders are shown on a leader-board and if a country stays in the #1 spot for more than 3 consecutive months, Obama will give an executive order to drop a bomb on the winning country!

And just for starters, if you unlock three bombs, the whole state of Texas lights up on the interactive bomb map, and if you unlock six bombs you can scroll over the U.S. and drop bombs on the individual homes of Tea Partiers and Libertarians as identified by the NSA dragnet! So fun! I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s not a coincidence that a retirement plan for Americans to buy U.S. Treasuries is being offered just as the largest buyer of treasuries has exited the market leaving the U.S. Fed to print the billions it needs every month to loan the Government the money its politicians need to wage global warfare, tax us through inflation, and maintain an ever expanding socialist welfare state to buy votes and stay in power. This is not about Democrats and Republicans, it’s about Big Government tyranny. Until we, both Republicans and Democrats, see Government for what it really is, a monopoly on violence, we will keep choosing the carefully crafted and hand-selected Representatives the Government tells us are okay to vote for, and the 60 years of downward spiral we have been following will simply continue to its inevitable, and historically proven, and painful, conclusion.

How long will myRa stay optional? What happens when it becomes mandatory, like Social Security? What happens if existing or new private sector IRA’s are required to have a fixed amount allocated to the myRA treasury fund? What happens when they force employers to match or contribute a certain amount as well? The White House has already said it will “aggressively” encourage employers to make this program available. I don’t know about you, but when the Government uses the words, “aggressively encourage,” I get nervous. “Aggressively encourage” is one degree away from “making mandatory.”

All of these are very real outcomes. Income tax was only for the top 1%, and look at it now. We, and our employers, already pay a raft of mandatory “taxes” from our paychecks for all types of Government programs, not including the new ones for Obamacare. If someone had said last month that the Government will offer a retirement plan to trick Americans into buying its debt, that person would have been called crazy, and yet here it is. Anything that expands the scope, wealth, power and control of Government can become real at any time, and the Government does not engage in any activity that does not further those goals.

When the Government needs money, the Government will take money because government is a monopoly of violence. Whether it takes your money through inflation “the hidden tax,” by raising taxes, by increasing fees or by creating programs that begin as optional, and end as tyrannical and mandatory, the Government always gets its money. It is the beast that is always hungry and can never be satisfied.

Until we ALL understand that we are the crop from which this beast feeds, we will be harvested until there is nothing left and the fields are barren.

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