As a Libertarian, my Government would label me a Domestic Terrorist. Do you agree?

Fortunately for Progressives everywhere, a recent study has found that “patriot groups” are one of the greatest threats to America. This is the same “group” that George Washington and Thomas Jefferson would be card carrying members of. In 2014, they are enemies of the State.

As I’ve mentioned before, there is a slow and insidious process underway by the Government to “educate” Americans that domestic terrorism is a greater threat than another 9/11.

This recent article is just one more in a string of articles coming out like Harry Reid calling Bundy supporters domestic terrorists. We are seeing an increasing number of these types of slanderous, violent ad hominem attacks on patriotic citizens who simply want something as insane to progressives as freedom. You can click here to learn how these types of attacks work and why Obama employs them. I have read Saul Alinksy and his political tactics are very effective (which Obama also studied and taught at Columbia University):

Alinsky’s strategy was to attack, attack and attack some more. He advised his Marxist followers to demonize your opponent with exactly what you see in the mirror. In other words, if you’re the radical, call your political opponents “radical.” If you’re extreme, call them “extreme.” If you’re a domestic terrorist, call them a “domestic terrorist.” That’s how you distract and deflect: by spreading misinformation. That’s how you take the spotlight off your radical views: by painting the other guy as “radical.”

We’ve seen various political leaders, mostly from the Left, casually tacking the word “terrorist” onto the words “tea party” or “conservative” or “right wing.” This is not an accident or some casual flippancy. This is intentional. It is a conscience choice by the media and the politicians to marry these words together, to weld them into the conscienceness of Americans so that when heard, they create an inflammatory and intrinsicly negative response from the gut. This is more commonly known as brain washing.

The Government engaged in this activity when the Tea Party first emerged, eviscerating their public opinion. Every American I talked to when I asked what the Tea Party principles were, either did not know them or they were wildy inaccurate; but the offensive term “tea bagging” and “radical extremism” were common mumbled utterances followed by giggles of ill perceived intellectual supremacy and self-satisfaction even though they had zero knowledge about the party platform and were simply repeating what they had heard from the MSM and the echo chamber of their ignorant liberal peers and progressive soaked public opinion. Ignorant sheep, every last one of them. Asking for facts from a Liberal is asking for a kick in the head. To a Liberal, they are the same thing.

There are millions of Americans, hundreds of millions, that don’t have two brain cells to rub together. They are the masses of sheep that can’t be bothered to spark off a rational and coherent thought but prefer to plug themselves into the mothership like the Borg, download what they are supposed to think from the MSNBC collective and go about their Starbucks caffeinated day.

They vote for more taxes, on other people. They vote for more government control, on companies they don’t work for. They vote for more surveillance, but only on their suspicious “conservative” neighbors. For themselves, they vote for more social security benefits, more medical benefits, more college tuition benefits, more tax credits, more deductions, more EBT and more housing subsidies.

Naturally, those who are actually the ones forced by Government coercion to pay for all of that benefit largesse become upset and disgruntled for having their hard-earned paychecks pilfered every week to provide the financial support that hundreds of millions of Americans demand by voting muggers into office.

The next rational and logical step is for those people being mugged to organize themselves into groups, leveraging their combined finances, experiences, talents and geographies in an effort to vote for those who would not be muggers.

It is at this point, when these groups opposed to being relieved of their paychecks organize, that the political elite begin a concerted and diliberate effort to “educate” their hundreds of millions of parasitic loyalists to fear and hate and loathe these “domestic terrorists” that “threaten” their “way of life” and that if these “terrorists” are not reigned in by the Government, they will unravel the very fabric of America, starving the hungry, euthanizing the old, stupifying the children and impoverishing the poor.

The Government has no money with which to buy its votes. By labeling every hard working American as a domestic terrorist, the very same Americans who provide the money that Government co-opts for votes to support its totalitarianism, Government rallies its one brain-celled base to rise up against their hard working neighbors and vote for any measure their Government asks of them in order to surveil, subvert, report on, control, fine, imprison, tax, coerce, threaten or kill those who would threaten their way of life; both the Government and its loyalists.

The increasing call to the masses to fear and hate, “conservative right-wing tea party libertarian domestic terrorists” is showing the Government’s concern that a sufficient number of Americans are trying to choose not to be enslaved by those that gorge themselves off the fruits of their production. The result will be the increased surveillance and recording of emails, texts and internet activity, increased scrutiny by the IRS and an increasing crescendo by Governent and the MSM in brainwashing Americans into fearing any neighbor, co-worker or family member that speaks out against their Government, taxation, redistribution or any liberal policy initiative in place or for the future.

It is truly amazing to me that all these “domestic terrorists” really want is to be left alone, to be self-sufficient and personally accountable for their own actions, but that hundreds of millions of Americans refuse to allow that to happen and insist, under the threat of Government coercion and violence, that you remain enslaved to the will of the masses, that their beliefs become your beliefs, that their purpose in life becomes your purpose in life, that your money becomes their money, that their healthcare becomes your healthcare, and that your children become their children. Like the “Rules for a Toddler,” Progressives believe that what’s yours is theirs, and if you don’t agree, Government will force you to believe it, or lie trying.

Libertarians like myself want to be left alone. We don’t want YOU to pay for our retirement. We don’t want YOU to pay for our healthcare. We don’t want YOU to pay for our children’s tuition. We don’t want YOU to pay for our unemployment. We don’t want YOU to bail us out of our mortgage. We want YOU to keep every penny you earn to spend or save as you see fit. Why won’t YOU let US let YOU keep everything you earn? Why do YOU insist on enslaving yourself to US, and US to YOU? Why can’t we ALL be FREE from each other?

It is truly amazing that once again we must fight for freedom, but not only from a would-be Monarch, but from our very own neighbors – not because we are taking up arms against them, but because they are being taught to take up arms against us.

P.S. I’d like to extend a warm welcome to the NSA or whatever Government agency has been assigned to the task of reading posts such as this one. I’d like you to consider “Going Snowden” in which case I would appreciate you immensely, or at least becoming more educated on the evils of your employer and perhaps considering a career change. Choose Freedom. Choose not to be a Stormtrooper. Sincerely, A.W. Chuck.

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  1. This is so frickin crazy. Our gov is going to $h*t. It is completely backwards and absurd!

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