Why everyone’s got it wrong about Obama.

Some people accuse Obama of being stupid or ignorant. Others say he’s just crazy, while an uncomfortably large segment of Americans enthusiastically worship him as their Dear Leader and believe he’s simply looking out for what’s best to help the poor, the hungry, the needy, the homeless, the immigrants, the children and the underserved.

All of these opinions about Obama are wrong.

Obama is a very intelligent and calculating man who has a goal in mind that serves only himself and his ideology. Obama has a world view that is completely foreign to most Americans. Americans, having never seen a cube in the shape of Obama’s worldview, keep trying to ram it down a round hole and wonder why it won’t fit. As a result, they mistake Obama’s actions as stupid, ignorant or charitable – but nothing could be further from the truth.

Blacks thought Obama would provide deliverance from all that ails them, yet six years later they are looking around at their current condition and record-breaking unemployment levels in complete bewilderment. Labor Unions rallied to elect him then recoiled in confusion when he went after their health care plans. Stereotypically Democrats can count on Jews to support any blue-flagged politician but many are now dazed and disconcerted at his handling of the current conflict in Gaza. Even the typical low-info comatose Liberal one-issue voter was shocked and befuddled when their Social Security taxes went up, as did most of their healthcare premiums. All of these Americans simply don’t understand the nature of the cube. If they understood Obama, his actions and motives would be crystal clear and nobody, anywhere, ever, would be shocked or confused by them.

Obama’s Democratic Socialist ideology was forged in the cauldron of his childhood, his father, his education, his community organizing, his choice of peers, his relationship with Saul Alinsky and other like-minded radicals, extremists and Democratic Socialists before, during and after his time at Columbia University and Harvard. There are now dozens of books that irrefutably support all of his Democratic Socialist interests and pursuits. He groomed himself, and was groomed. His own books, and others written about him speak volumes about his true nature, his sour opinion of America and Americans and his world view. Nothing about the construction of the cube that is Obama should be confusing to any American, but that which makes up the shape of the cube of the man was ignored and hidden by the MSM. The power of his rhetoric, his groomed and fashionable good looks and his promise of a chicken in every pot were too much the siren call for most Americans to bother looking any further into how he would fit, or rather not fit,  into the typical round hole of past Presidents.

Obama knew exactly what he wanted to accomplish and exactly how to make it happen. The failure by those who incorrectly assess him is based on trying to measure the length of a football field in gallons. We are trying to inappropriately apply a unit of measure we understand to an object that defies being measured, in relative terms.

For the human mind, everything is relative. I only have one child, a two year old, and I have no experience with any other children. My assessment of my own child’s intellectual growth is entirely dependant on others gauging it for me who have experienced children of many ages. Americans assess their President in relative terms as well.

Current Presidents are measured based on the decisions, actions and performance of prior Presidents. This unit of measure for U.S. Presidents has been developed over 200 years of prior administrations. Americans are accustomed to assessing the performance of a sitting President only relative to the well aged and smoothly worn but sturdy and rigid 200 year old yardstick of presidential precedent.

When President Obama took office, he simply engaged in an ideological pursuit that defied measurement, confusing and bewildering Americans who struggled to define him, his ambitions and his purpose.

When Obama walked onto the football field and started to play, everyone measured his plays using the standard 100 yard zone. They assumed, like any other coach, that he would have to deal with blocking, tackles, interceptions, the influence of gravity on the ball, long-shot field goal attempts; all of the typical rules and trade-offs of the game. But that’s not what happened. Obama walked onto the field with a different kind of ball, and a different set of rules. When he has control of the ball, he eliminates the out-of-bounds lines. He reduced the number of downs for his team, only, to get first down. He widened the upright spacing for his benefit and narrowed them for his opponent. He has unlimited time outs, calls for penalties on every opposing play and deftly sidesteps the penalties called on his own team by simply ignoring them with no repercussions to his score, progress, or position on the field. Obama suspended the rules of gravity, but only for HIS passes.

This is why Americans fail to understand Obama, who he is and what he wants, and that mistake is going to cost Americans dearly. This oversight is going to, in a word, destroy America.

Obama does not have any interest or concern regarding the poor, the sick, the old, the young, the uneducated, the immigrants, the retired, the employed, the gays, the minorities, the unemployed or the underserved beyond the extent that they provide Obama with self-serving benefits as a result of his pandering to them in exchange for moving his ball down the Democratic Socialist field. The moment Obama no longer benefits from the support of a group, the group will no longer benefit from Obama.

So while everyone was running around predicting his failure or stupidity or insanity or altruism based on the rules of play that everyone knows and that have been established historically, Obama has always, and continues to play by, his own set of rules all weighted heavily in his favor, by him. This has led to many a misinterpretation about Obama, but just like Captain Kirk in Star Trek during the Kobayashi Maru, Obama too had an unwinnable objective in mind, the Democratic Socialization of America – but only unwinnable to the extent that he played by the established rules – so just like Captain Kirk, Obama simply ignored all the rules, made up some of his own, and has been largely successful as a result – just like Kirk was.

In truth, Americans didn’t stand a chance. Obama was the dark horse that came out of nowhere in an election cycle that holds the attention of Americans for three months, at best. The information needed to make a rational assessment of this man was ignored and hidden from public scrutiny, and as an 11th hour entry, there was scant data available online. It was in fact, possible, to know this man before he became President, but not inside of a three month window, and not for the majority of Americans who spend more time worrying about the Kardashians and will sit in a fifteen car line-up at a drive-through Starbucks complaining about how their unemployment check doesn’t cover everything they “need.”

Americans failed to see Obama for what he really was and so elected a smooth talking wolf in sheep’s clothing and their hen house is suffering the consequences of that decision, twice. So while the wolf continues to slaughter the hens unencumbered, Americans continue to fail in their assessment of what is causing the bloodshed.

The constitutional controls to limit unilateral Presidential rule have been weak for a very long time. Only some mixed combination of the overestimation by prior Presidents of public outcry, insufficient control of Congress, a modicum of fleeting respect for the tattered remains of the constitution and personal restraint have prevented them from converting their position into a fiat Monarchy.

Obama simply saw that the once secured constitutional door was unlocked and lying wide open, cared not what people thought if he were to barge through it and correctly estimated the American peoples lack of response, their disinterest in all things political and their abysmal education built solidly on pro-Government propoganda. His right flank was shielded by panem et circensus and his left flank by our insatiable narcissism.

Obama’s assessment on the lack of constitutional limitations and his low opinion of Americans and their response to his Democratic Socialist unilaterialism were accurate, and as such he has executed his ideology with Swiss timing perfection.

Obama has achieved a monumental victory on the political playing field by assessing American ignorance and apathy correctly and ignoring the rules. His legacy will be, in fact, that which he told us it would be…Barrack Obama will achieve his goal to “fundamentally transform the United States of America.” Our inability to take a step back and reassess how this man and his objectives are measured, to repeatedly and stupidly measure his progress down the field in gallons, to ignore the now overwhelming surplus of data written in his own words and the words of others as to his true purpose and objective, have all allowed him to drive the spikes of Democratic Socialism into the ground of America and pour the foundation that will lead to the reconstruction of the fabric of our nation.

If a monumental reversal of his achievements do not occur in the current midterm and 2016 Presidential election then it is my steadfast belief that our children will grow old in an America that will be nothing more than a hollowed out shell of its former glory, freedom, privacy, wealth, opportunity and independence.

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  1. Really? Obama is from the same Chicago school of thought of Leo Strauss and Condi Rice. These types shift parties as often as a homeless person changes their underwear.

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