The Peter Schiff Show is Going Off-The-Air

I was sorry to hear the news today that The Peter Schiff Show will cease broadcasts at the end of this month.

I began following Peter Schiff in 2005 when he was discussing the Housing Bubble and being laughed at on the MSM. Revenge is sweet however, and you can watch the stupidity of the MSM here. This montage, to me, was the nail in the coffin of the MSM. This was really when I accepted the fact most established media channels are simply agitprop extensions of the Government, and I abandoned all such news channels entirely, and I’ve never looked back – going on eight years now.

Ironic that for years we were told in our Government schools how scary and evil it was that the Chinese Government controlled all the news media there so The People never heard the truth, then we went home and watched the news with our parents after dinner – except now it was news controlled by the U.S. Government. Can you smell my bitterness?

I watched Peter Schiff on his YouTube Channel at first. Other vloggers also had videos and montages of his news interviews and other events he did, so there was plenty of Peter Schiff floating around. He also wrote several books, three of which I have read. Then he started The Peter Schiff Show and I was an immediate premium subscriber. I shared his MP3 downloads with as many people as I could. I even made a shared folder at work just so others could access his show.

Peter is leaving for several reasons, but time seems to be the most critical factor. In the time he has been running The Peter Schiff Show, for four years now, he has opened two new companies in addition to EuroPacific Capital – one in Puerto Rico and another that sells bullion. His travel demands have increased, as well as his family demands I would assume especially after the recent birth of a new family member. He continues to write, speak and manage multiple businesses – to be honest, I don’t know how he gets enough hours in the day.

I have to thank Peter Schiff for several things…

1. Thank you for teaching me when to exit my 401K from the stock market before it crashed after the housing bubble burst. You prevented the destruction of my portfolio.

2. Thank you for teaching me about gold as I used that knowledge to buy it cheap, ride it up, sell it off and use it to make a downpayment on my house.

3. Thank you for being the voice of reason, logic and critical thinking in a world saturated with doublespeak, rhetoric, spin, agitprop, deception, ommission and lies.

4. Thank you for teaching me about real money, economics and monetary and fiscal policy.

5. Thank you for introducing me to Tom Woods (who’s podcast I subscribe to) and Stefan Molyneux (whose podcast I listen to regularly) – both as standins for your show (I was already listening to Larry Elder). Between your economic and fiscal policy education, Tom’s historical platform unwinding the lies about our history, and Stefan’s philisophical teachings including the non-agression principle, I consider the three of you the trifecta for freedom, liberty, privacy, private property, respect, honor, Libertarianism and all the ideals this country was founded on.

6. Thanks for managing my money in EuroPacific Capital. I moved my 401K to an account there just a couple years ago (sorry to take so long). Since then my parents, my wife and two of my friends have moved their money to EuroPac as well. Shout out to Blair for being so great, friendly and helpful on my account!

I look forward to Peter’s new media model which will reside at the same website but include a two-hour podcast with no commercials. He will continue to make videos as well, so those of us who have been following Peter for some time now will still have access to his market updates, forecasts and reactions to the latest events.

Please visit The Peter Schiff Show here, Stefan Molyneux here, Tom Woods here, Larry Elder here and you can subscribe to Peter’s newsletter on bullion investments and watch videos here.

I will miss The Peter Schiff Show.

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