Hillary, Obama and Saul – Comrades and Friends


Progressive, Liberal, Democrat, RINO…a rose by any other name…

I have known for years that both Hillary and Obama were acolytes of Saul Alinsky, a radical “community organizer” who developed and educated his followers on radical means of organizing and installing socialism within a Democratic system of Government. This is a fact.

Obama  went on to teach these principles to others at Columbia University. The media entirely ignored this, on purpose, which is why most Americans are not aware of it. If you did not actively seek out this information on your own, you will never know it exists and the entire Progressive movement is betting that Americans will never educate themselves. The movement relies entirely on the ignorance and apathy of Americans, and the media helps maintain that status quo.

That said, a letter from a young Hillary to her mentor Saul was recently published and one line in particular should help reinforce the types of politicians we have elected, and continue to consider electing.

Why was Hillary writing a letter to Saul? She was so excited about his new book, Rules for Radicals, that she wanted to ask when it would be published and to inquire as to when she could meet him in person. From the friendly tone of the response letter, it is obvious that Hillary and Saul have a platonic yet amiable, familiar and friendly relationship.

A reviewer on Amazon.com who read this book with an “open mind” found it incredibly interesting and educational and summed up the purpose of the book as, “…essentially a guidebook that encourages individuals to gather, organize and develop a battle-plan to spread a socialist agenda; there is even a list of tactics to be used.”

It was this book, on how to spread the socialist agenda, that Hillary so excitedly anticipated and that Obama both read and taught to others at college, both while maintaining professional and friendly relations with Saul Alinsky.

Here is what Hillary wrote to Saul Alinsky…with commentary from HotAir.com following….

“You are being rediscovered again as the New Left-type politicos are finally beginning to think seriously about the hard work and mechanics of organizing.” – Hillary Clinton

From HotAir.com, “The New Left had already begin the hard work of political organizing, which took years and decades to complete as they took over the Democratic Party. They tried in 1972 to short-cut their way to power by pushing George McGovern as the Democratic nominee, but that was a disaster. After that, they took the long-term view and began pushing out the Democratic Party establishment from the ground up. By the late 1980s, after the debacle of the Mondale campaign (and then the Dukakis campaign), Democrats became so concerned about the New Left influence that they formed the Democratic Leadership Council to find and support centrist “Third Way” candidates in an attempt to become competitive. Their first success was none other than … Bill Clinton.” HotAir.com

Your Government is being subverted by Socialists, and has been for over 50 years. It took them awhile to organize and find the right angle of attack, but they’ve been penetrating the ranks of Government for decades now – all the way to the top. It’s that simple. It’s a fact. It’s in your face. There is nothing I have read in 9 years of researching the causes of our current condition to dispute this. The Socialists don’t even dispute it, they just call it by other names…Liberalism, Progressivism, Left Wing, Democratic Socialism, Democrats, RINO’s….so the question is, what are you going to do about it?

And like the Socialists that subverted the Democrat Party, Libertarian Atheist Anarcho-Capitalist Objectivists like myself are now trying to help subvert the Republican party. For freedom. For small and limited Government. For individual responsibility. For the destruction of the fascist Capitalist-Government partnership. It’s time to get involved, or we will repeat the fall of Rome…

Fall of Rome

…yeah, it’ll look about like that.

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