Big Government – Class Section 101 – How to force the taxpayer to pay your student loan

A young woman completes a college degree in Acting, quite useless, and accrues $190,000 in debt doing so. She now works answering phones in a non-profit. Why? Because the Government, I mean Obama (same thing), has promised to use YOUR incomes to forgive her debt if she works in a non-profit (or for Government, OF COURSE…lol) for ten years. So that is the plan. How many tens or hundreds of thousands of others just like her will there be? How are you going to pay for that? I mean, how are your KIDS going to pay for that?

It’s not her fault. She is simply using the rules of the system that we allowed to be constructed to her maximum advantage. That is the world we have allowed to come into existence, where everyone uses Government to steal or secure “rights” from everyone else. We are all rats biting each other begging our Lords and Masters to throw us some of the cheese they’ve stolen from other rats. This is what happens when a Government becomes fascist…democratic socialist, corporatist, corporate fascist, whatever label you want to use. What it is not, is a FREE country.

I don’t know how many examples it will take to show everyone what is happening. This is classic wealth redistribution. And of course, what does the Big O want next? To tax 529 college savings accounts. Why? Well how else is he going  to pay for his latest cheese wheel tossed into the frothing proletariat Kardashian obsessed masses of two “free” years of community college?

And why 529 plans specifically? Well hell because the majority of people that use 529 plans “make too much money” so naturally, we should steal from them. Duh. That is the new American Dream, don’t earn it, steal it baby! Whoever is making $5 more than you is making too much! And remember there is always someone making $5 LESS THAN YOU, so with this Government where we are all enslaved to each other we all get to be the thief and the mugged at the same time! And I quote from this WSJ article (emphasis mine)…

So, yes, Obama wants to tax college savers. But, by and large, they’re wealthy college savers. When the Government Accountability Office looked at 529 plans and their less popular cousins, Coverdell accounts, it found that 47 percent of families that had them earned more than $150,000 per year. (Depending on who’s measuring, that puts them in at least the top 10 percent of U.S. households.) By comparison, it noted, the median income of families with a student in college is $47,747.

I don’t know about you, but I generally don’t think that our higher education policy should be geared toward helping families that earned $150,000 or more send their kid to the most expensive possible school. Meanwhile, the White House says that revenue brought in from taxing gains in 529 plans would go toward expanding other higher education tax breaks, such as the American Opportunity Tax Credit, which is available to families earning up to $180,000. So it seems like the middle class makes out just fine in this deal.

So if you were ever hoping to earn more than you need to survive, and perhaps put some of that away for your kids college, don’t. I mean don’t earn more than you need to survive, because as soon as you do, you are one of these “wealthy college savers” and now you’re a tagged heifer for Government milking.

And what will that do to community college tuitions? Why the same thing it did to tuitions in general, launch them into the bubble stratosphere. Tuitions are ridiculous BECAUSE of the Government’s involvement in tuition loans. When Government passed PACA (Obamacare) they included a line that gave them control of the entire student loan market. Because student loan legislation belongs in healthcare legislation, right? Hells bells it does when you don’t actually want anyone to notice you put it there, so you bury it in an 11,000 page legislative monster! The same monster that Nancy Pelosi warned us that, “We need to pass the bill to find out what is in it.” And we sure are finding out what’s in it, and now we know why they didn’t want us silly Proles reading it!!!!

Once they had control of the student loan market, our Fascist Government applied the same economic policies (Keynesian Economics) to student loans as they did to housing loans, and that is why two housing bubbles later, we also now have a tuition bubble. Three bubbles for the price of three! The kids of this nation are getting raped; in tuition, in house prices, in inflation, in job availability, in launching, IN LIFE…all by their own Government.

I hope none of you ever hope to make any real money, or have any dreams that your children will ever be well-off, because as soon as they cross the magical threshold of making “too much” money which will always be more than what everyone else is making, but wishes they made, and is working hard to try and make…because they will have just painted a huge crosshair on their head for Government to come plunder and pillage and redistribute for the votes of the masses.

I think we should teach our children to think small. They should not try to achieve too much. Only enough. Just a little bit. They should take advantage of every tax break, Government subsidy, welfare program and scheme like this one to soak as much of other people’s money as they possibly can and for God’s sake they need to make sure they NEVER, EVER, become the “wealthy.” They should find a cozy job in Government and avoid the private sector at all costs – the private sector is for losers. That’s just asking to get rammed their whole lives. This is the new American Dream.

Are you diggin’ it yet?!

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