Free Stuff-Venezuela. Fail. France. Fail. Socialism. EPIC FAIL.

FreeShitUh oh. While The Fed mystifies you with one hand with their prestidigitation of distraction, keeping you focused on the “important” things like inflation and interest rates…the Central Banks of the world are repatriating their physical gold stocks from all over the world with the other hand.  We already know they’ve been stocking up on gold by the hundred ton every year for the past seven years anyway.

Then you have Venezuela, a socialist country that is drowning in debt and is desperate to pay its bills (that’s what happens when you promise your citizens a lot of free stuff like free healthcare and free schooling) with no global central bankers working together to “pretend and extend” that debt doesn’t matter. So what is Venezuela doing? They are asking if they can do a gold swap through Deutsche Bank, which means they are asking for a loan from the bank using their gold as collateral so they can pay their bills. Deutsche Bank is happy to do it, since Venezuela will inevitably default on that loan and Deutsche Bank gets to keep even more gold for themselves. Win/Win for Deutsche.

Look at France. Sarkozy attempted to reign in their “free stuff” socialism because it was bankrupting the country, but people didn’t want to start paying for stuff they use so they voted for more free stuff by electing Hollande, an actual blue-blood Socialist. Hollande’s been in office a few years now and where is France? They’re in “a state of economic emergency” – Hollande’s own words. His only plan is to subsidize hiring with “no new taxes” through “financing” – which just means going into debt to create a program that won’t work anyway. It’s been done before. Never works.

Right about now you’re thinking, “We just need to tax the rich people and the corporations more.” Yeah, Hollande tried that…and the rich people and corporations started leaving, taking their money with them. So what did Hollande do? Repealed his 75% “SuperTax” when he realized what was happening. Epic. Fail. You could build walls and put guards with automatic weapons on them I suppose, so people can’t leave…pretty sure that’s been done before to solve this very problem. We know how that ended, in blood. So what else you got? Bueller? Bueller?

People just won’t learn. When you vote for someone who is going to increase your debt through war or “free stuff” it…always…ends…the…same. If you don’t care about your kids, then don’t care about this FACT.

When you get your utility bill, you have two ways to pay for it. Your checking account or your credit card. Cash or Debt. To stop our debt problem, we have to start paying in cash, or stop buying things, or both. That means we have to raise taxes, or cut spending, NO FREE STUFF. That’s the hard choice WE as responsible, rational parents of children…have to make. So we, you and I, need to step up. We need to vote to increase our own taxes AND/OR stop voting for people that go to war or promise free stuff without raising taxes to pay for it. If not the checking account, then the credit card. I can’t make it any clearer. It’s math people. Simple math.

So anyway, what do all these Central Bankers know that you don’t know and they don’t want you to know? See pictures below…compare the rise of the USD at the same time as the drop in GOLD for 2014…and then read the image text….

If you believe the debt doesn’t matter. That $20T in debt or $100T in debt or $1,000T just won’t ever matter, then stay in dollars and keep voting for people that spend money we don’t have. That’s what Venezuela thought. So did France.

If you believe debt is unsustainable in the long run, then move into hard assets and gold and silver and foreign currencies and stay OUT of the USD and investments denominated in USD. And STOP voting for people offering you “FREE STUFF” since FREE STUFF does NOT EXIST.

It’s that simple.

BTW, gold and silver are here and here. Get busy.



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  1. Just found your article….Brilliant.
    More powerful now more than ever.

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