Headlines for week of February 7, 2016

It’s to the point in my blog where everything’s already been said, by myself and others, and modern blogging is nothing more than finding new examples of points that have already been established a thousand times before. This week is no exception.

Facebook friends are fake friends. As if this had to be said out loud.

Maine reined in its runaway welfare State by simply asking single, able-bodied and childless adults to begin training for a job, or getting a job, if they wanted to keep receiving benefits – thus causing an 80% plummet in people no longer receiving welfare. Coincidentally, XBox game sales dropped precipitously as did the viewership of Housewives of Atlanta (sarcasm).

Beyonce channels the Black Panther movement during the Super Bowl. The Black Panthers were a violent and aggressive cultural movement targeting “white oppression.” The author of the article calls this new method of popularizing violence as “authoritarian cool” and describes it as, “the use of entertainment to convey the message that not only is it okay to demonize and oppress your cultural enemies, sometimes even with violence, but it is absolutely necessary to do so.” White people – go try that and see what happens. If White’s are so oppressive, where are the Asian Panthers? *crickets*

As yet another sign of our Government having left any shred of our once great Constitutional Republic long, long ago, Senator Ben Sasse, “believes that many lawmakers like the idea of being in power, not understanding what the job of Washington and government actually is.” There are no brave men left in Government, only lawyers and career politicians bent on power and wealth accumulation. That is the American Government. Only took us 240 years to destroy it. Must be a record.

Japan was once a great nation with surpluses, which attracted the Keynesian and socialist parasites that can’t let any surplus go to waste – hence Japan’s ten plus years of zero growth and now, negative interest rates. So too goes Europe. So too goes America. Why do the Japanese (and soon Euros and Americans) prefer negative interest rates over the stock market? Because the devil in the losses you know is better than the devil in the losses you don’t know. What nobody seems upset about is that every major Government in the world has set all of us up to choose between two losses as our only option. Where is the anger?


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