Obamacare spiraling in for a crash landing – as they planned it to. Nationalized healthcare, here we come!

ObamaDumbFaceOkay, if we could go back in time, this is what Obama should have said when he was pitching Obamacare, because years later, this is what he actually sold us and we know this because the numbers are in, the studies have been done…this is what we have…

“We are going to great a massive new bureaucratic system for healthcare that will require most people to change their doctor, their insurance carrier, or both, it comes with higher deductibles and higher premiums, will drive some insurers out of the market altogether creating fewer choices in insurers which means less competition which means higher prices, will permit people to buy insurance right before they need it and drop it right after they are done with it, requires young healthy people that don’t need insurance to buy it, increases the Medicare and Medicaid roles by over 30%, forces people by law to buy insurance or pay a penalty, gives the IRS the power to penalize individuals for not paying the penalties – up to and including jail time, will add a trillion and a half to the national debt over ten years according to the government’s own CBO,  and will still leave 27 million uninsured anyway.”

Would you have voted for THAT? Because THAT is what we have. And if you did support it, then look at what you have supported. Like it?


The video below is a montage of Obama promising Americans all over the country that they will not have to change their doctor or insurance company…but they need to make this healthcare plan a law. Check out the text at the bottom of the screenshot, “If we fail to act, premiums will be higher.” Well, here we are years later and premiums are much higher. Where is the outrage? Where is the Left Wing demanding answers to why their President lied to them? So quick to accuse us with, “What about Bush?” (and rightly so) but then when their guy turns out to be just as bad, they disappear and hide. Crickets. Cowards.


So let’s talk about even more bad news on Obamacare. And where is this bad news coming from? Mary Tavenner, the former head of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services for the Obama administration. So its coming right from the horse’s mouth. Let’s check it out…

Why are insurance rates expected to spike, yet again, in 2017?

“ObamaCare exchanges have failed to attract enough young and healthy people needed to keep premiums down. Plus, two industry bailout programs expire this year, Tavenner notes.”

People are gaming the system? WHAT? Wait…people are incentivized to abuse a Government program? Say it ain’t so!

“People are gaming ObamaCare just like critics said they would: buying coverage after they get sick — since insurance companies can no longer turn them down or charge them more — then dropping it when they’re done with treatments. ‘That churn increases premiums. So you have to kind of price over that.’”

Does everyone have insurance yet?

“CBO estimates Obamacare will leave 27 million uninsured through 2019.”

Wait. What? I thought that was the whole POINT of this beast? To insure everyone and now you are saying, years later, we still have uninsured?

Well, at least we won’t add to the national debt.

“Over the next ten years Obamacare will add $1.4 trillion to the nation’s debt,”

Okay, okay…at least NOW you can keep your doctor.

“Insurers struggling with Obamacare are already drastically reducing your choice of doctors and hospitals to cut costs.”

How about those lower costs we were promised?

“…all but the most heavily subsidized Obamacare enrollees would be better off financially if they skipped coverage and pay for their own medical care out of pocket.”

And lastly, from the Washington Examiner editorial…

“Conservatives (Libertarians) screamed a simple fact from the rooftops: Obamacare will not work. No one wanted to listen then, but their warnings are now coming into fruition. Obamacare, as constructed, attempted to fix a dysfunctional health care payment system by creating an even more complicated system on top of it, filled with subsidies, coverage mandates, and other artificial government incentives.”

Dangerous Freedom over Peaceful Slavery. Every. Single. Time. Choose freedom. Become a Libertarian.

And for God’s sake, do not allow the Government to continue with this plan of crashing the entire healthcare system so they can propose Nationalized Healthcare as a solution. They destroyed the private healthcare system by forcing prices to rise by requiring insurance carriers to cover all kinds of things you don’t need or want and limiting competition by preventing you from shopping outside of your state for insurance plans, then they offered Obamacare as the solution to the problem of higher prices that they created, and when Obamacare crashes, which was their plan all along, they will offer National healthcare as the final solution. This was their plan the whole time. Do not allow them to finalize it. We need FREE MARKETS. We need NON INTERVENTION. We need prices free of DISTORTION from Government mandates. Then we will have lower premiums, lower deductibles, more choices and more doctors.


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