PSA – All Trump Supporters to Seek Shelter Immediately

As Liberals exercise their freedom to disagree, apparently by lighting things on fire, beating the crap out of people and vandalizing – I urge all Trump supporters to move quietly but quickly to your nearest bomb shelter or safe room.

Also, lock and load. Just in case.

Now, imagine what happens if we take away their free healthcare, their WIC, SNAP, TANF, housing subsidies, tax credits, social security, disability and actually make them pay some federal income tax. O.M.G. Can…you…imagine…how they would react?

America. On. Fire. That’s how. Because violence, arson, vandalism and theft are rational arguments.



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  1. Oh please. Conservatives alsi need the (not free thanks to insurance companies) “healthcare, their WIC, SNAP, TANF, housing subsidies, tax credits, social security, disability”. I’m not looting or setting anything on fire. Neither are angry liberals I know (and I know a lot). We are a divided nation, yes, but only the extremists are the ones taking action (as usual). And only the most exciting things are being shown by there media (as usual). Slowly step away from main stream media. And start digging for what’s really going on in the world behind the sound and fury.

    • Then I know I can count on you to hold the mainstream media to the fire when they continue to be biased in either direction, or omit information that would change one’s viewpoint of the story, or put their thumb on the scale using distorted statistics, or measuring changes in percentages intstead of hard numbers (which are often so much less startling), and that you too did not believe the stories about racist Tea Partiers and agreed that Tea Party and other conservative groups were being targeted by the IRS (even though the media barely talked about it). Perhaps we have more in common than we know.

      • Absolutely. Years (and years) ago when I taught religious school at a synagogue, one of my favorite lesson plans was teaching the 6th graders about news media. Each week I would bring in a story of some kind of attack on Israel from newspaper articles from many different international and national publications. Not one of them had the same ‘facts.’ Different number of people injured, killed, different number of rockets fired, different versions of the same story. The media wants to SELL its stories, it wants to PLEASE its sponsors. They are *BUSINESSES*, not truth delivery services. Always be skeptical. Always check multiple sources. Always be aware of who their target market is.

  2. Oh, forgot to add…I am a Libertarian Conservative and I need none of those things. It is impossible for me to be the only one that doesn’t. I am perfectly content to provide those social insurance programs by myself, for myself, and happy to donate to charitable causes that will help other people who cannot, legitimately, provide those services for themselves. But my neighbor holding a gun to my head saying that I will pay for those services or go to jail (or die if I resist arrest for not doing so) – is not ethical. And until this country finds its ethical balls – we are just going to keep voting to bleed each other dry until we all run out of money.

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