Democrats concerned about pollution leave 2,500 trucks worth of garbage at protest site.


Once again, a group of people (and when I say “people” I mean Democrats) are expressing their frustration at the remote possibility of pollution (or whatever is triggering their fragile egos that day) by, amazingly, bringing their own pollution, including garbage, building remnants and human feces and spreading it all over the area they are supposed to be protecting from pollution.

Because remember, for Democrats, it’s about virtue signaling on social media, not about actually doing anything. Once the selfie shot is posted, it’s okay to shit on someone’s property in protest because…LIKE.

If this trash is not cleaned up, the river is going to swallow it all as the snow melts and this will trash the river, all of it being washed downstream and thrown up on the river banks.

Meanwhile, these same Democrats in my home state are making me forget to bring my reusable bags into the grocery store because they hate plastic bag pollution, forcing me to carry a dozen grocery items in some magical contortion of hands and arms out to the car. multi-armed-buddha-16566868

Now compare the Tea Party protests in the early Obama years to the anti-Trump protests that seem to continue indefinitely today. The TP protests were clean and peaceful. The anti-Trump protests are filthy, violent, and include burning cars, buildings, pepper-spraying people, sucker punching, threatening to poison people, etc.

So really, after more than a decade of watching Conservative protests and Liberal protests it’s quite clear that Conservatives protest peacefully like civil human beings, while the Democratic party has a large contingent of feral left wild animals that believe in a scorched earth policy. And those Democrats that are not publicly shaming this feral left militant arm of the Democratic party are no better, they are complicit with their silence. If you are a Democrat and you are not calling out your members for what they are, you are the exact same as them.


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  1. California magical thinker: plastic bags are evil, unless you pay a dime into our Magical Thinking account

    😨 tolerating public insanity has as its reward more insanity


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