March 7, 2017 – The last day of the Trump Presidency.

It took exactly 66 days for Trump’s presidency to become a complete failure. Impressive, but not unpredictable. What is most interesting to me, is the 62,984,825 people in America that just found out that they live in a country where they have absolutely no representation, and zero power to stop its self-destruction.

I wonder.

What will they do now that all of their options have been exhausted, after having fought so hard over a decade of time to take the House, then the Senate, then the Presidency, honestly believing for all that time, just counting the days, that if they can just get control of the whole Government something might actually change – only to discover when they woke up on March 7, 2017, that for all of their efforts, nothing is going to change, everything they were told was a lie, and they are politically homeless unics in a world of aggressive emotional government expansionist zombies with nothing to stop them from devouring the entire nation down to a bloody stump. What a bummer.


The death of the Republican party. It’s officially a one party system now.

I remember trying to explain to people eight years ago that Republican and Democrat are the same word. When asked what I was, I would say, “Libertarian.” But for some reason saying you are a Libertarian means you are a Republican but don’t want to be accused of all the evils of Republicans. Even when I pointed out all the problems with our ever-expanding unconstitutional federal government, our monarchical presidents, our activist supreme court, our insane preoccupation with precrimes, our globe trotting war mongering nation, my support of civil rights (LGBT) and medicinal and recreational drug use – I was still labeled a Republican despite all these strenuous objections to what Republicans have done and support for many planks that Democrats believe in. But it’s easier to label me and dismiss me than be made uncomfortable trying to understand me, or Libertarians.

I spent years telling people, and this included Republicans, “Just wait. When a Republican is finally in office, you will see how there is no discernible difference between a Republican and a Democrat. There is only pro-government expansionists and people who prefer freedom, and of the latter, we will never see one hold office.” I even pointed out, as the years went by as you can see in the image above, that despite winning ever increasing chunks of the Government, the Republicans were still acting no different than Democrats. Always kicking the can of their promises down the road, until we finally gave them all they wanted, only to hear them giggle, “Okay. You got us. We didn’t mean it. He-he-he-he.”

I saw Republicans, and some Democrats, reeling back at the first two years of Obama’s reign, in horror. They quickly plugged the dike by taking over the House in Congress. They quickly took the Senate too, but were not able to secure the Presidency. Another four years of progressive egalitarian Aulinsky leftist socialist liberalism and anyone with a stitch of conservatism within them went full throttle for Trump. The SJW’s were taking over, the media wasn’t hiding their massive bias anymore, Hillary was threatening to cinch the noose forever on any remaining conservative principles – it was battle stations for every conservative walking around, and they had, they thought, finally rejected all Republicans (accepting their RINO status finally) and all Democrats,  and found their savior in someone who purported to be neither, but who turned out to be just another person with a different opinion, which really wasn’t all that different from everyone who came before him.

My friends and co-workers assumed I would be excited about Trump. After all, he was talking about building a wall and repealing Obamacare which are Libertarian planks, but not in the way most people think they are.

For example, Libertarianism is not about building a wall, we don’t need to build a wall. It is about the Federal government enforcing its constitutional mandate to secure our border as a nation – one of the very few powers the constitution actually gave the federal government (which is easily forgotten considering the current government’s intrusion into every corner of our life). Libertarians don’t need a wall, we need the government to adjust immigration quotas so people from every part of the world get an equal and fair chance to come here and pursue the American dream, and that only people that are interested in the American dream are allowed to pursue it, and under their own steam, not with the endless buttress of welfare. But that is not what we have.

What we have is a massively lopsided immigration system that shows preferential treatment to a select few nations or cultures or religions or ethnicities, to the benefit of certain political parties and companies over others, many immigrants of which do not want, or understand, what it means to be American or pursuing the American dream or want to actually be American, and thus locking out many other individuals and families who want to come here and succeed and thrive and become Americans, all while also providing a welfare crutch that is easily corrupted and abused for anyone that just wants to come here for the free ride, of which there are millions.

We don’t need a wall. All we need the government to do is enforce existing immigration laws at the business level, ensuring that employees are not illegal immigrants. This enforcement alone would prevent most illegal immigration, in conjunction with less or no welfare, because without the ability to earn (or just take) money, there is less incentive, almost no incentive, to come here. We don’t need a wall. We need enforcement of laws already on the books. Helluvalot cheaper too. But that is not what Trump was offering.

Libertarianism doesn’t want Obamacare. Not because we want some different kind of government controlled or influenced health insurance safety net, but because Libertarians believe in individual charity, corporate charity, private property rights, freedom of association and free markets – all of which are violently assaulted by Obamacare or absolutely any other government intrusion into the management of our health. A repeal of the Obamination, yes Libertarians support that – but turning some knobs, sliding some switches, making some tweaks, no, we don’t support that. In any form, Government involvement in anything that is outside of its constitutional mandate is an abomination and needs to be repealed, destroyed, eliminated. But that is not what Trump is offering either.

So when my friends thought I might be excited about Trump, I wasn’t. I warned them that we will find before long, if he wins, that Trump is not much different from anything we have seen before. He has no fundamental principles. He has only opinions about how things should be run just like everyone else, and all we ever do every four years is move from one person’s opinion to another person’s opinion and the opinion that is actually based on fundamental concepts of ethics and non-aggression will never see the light of day, because we as a society have already passed into the night of our evolutionary cycle. We will have to survive what is before us before anyone can appear from the ashes capable of convincing a beleaguered and disenfranchised society that total freedom is better than slavery, in any percentage of our lives.

Selling the concepts of freedom, free markets, rule of law, constitutionalism, freedom of association, private property and non-aggression are not favored among the popular masses that don’t understand these concepts, nor among the powerful individuals, corporations, educational control systems, and media outlets that make a fortune making sure the masses never understand these concepts, so there really is no chance for us to see, in our lifetime, any of the advancements in the direction of freedom that we hope to see. And Trump has proven to be no exception.

That is why I say that Trump’s presidency ended on March 7, with the birth of Trumpcare (Republicare) which like everything else that comes out of Government, is just more of the same with a different name.

It was a good try guys. I know you meant well. I know you really thought Trump was going to be the light on the hill, but with the massively uneducated narcissistic virtue signalling unprincipled weak bred society we have, it’s simply not possible. You can’t teach anyone how to sail around the world when they believe, with religious zeal, that the world is flat. RIP to the Republic.

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  1. I’m pretty sure this was just an oversight, but I think you meant “employees are authorized to work in the U.S.” where you said “employees are U.S. citizens”. For example, non-citizens that are authorized to work in the U.S. would include legal residents that have not become citizens.

    I agree that cutting off job opportunities for illegal immigrants is probably the most effective and lowest hanging fruit to reducing illegal immigration. The majority of people are coming here to make more money than they can in their home country. If that opportunity didn’t exist, the incoming flow would be greatly reduced. A chart that overlays apprehensions by the border patrol and U.S. economic conditions would probably back this up.

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