Bad Moms – OMG, Bad Movie – Hate your daddy!

*Movie Spoiler Alert*

So we thought we would take in a light comedy the other night, as the trailer to Bad Moms seemed funny. That was my first mistake. My second mistake was pausing every ten minutes to discuss the wild and crazy misandry that was baked into this movie like carrots in a carrot cake as all that frustration was eventually going to manifest into a blog post – and I have better things to do today; and yet, here I am.

First off, yes, I understand this is a comedy so it’s supposed to be taken lightly. And honestly, if it were just a couple of things, I wouldn’t care. What amazed me about this movie, which I have never seen in other comedies, was the dedication to a subplot about how stupid and useless men are. It was like I was watching two different movies at the same time, one about bad moms and another about bad dads. It is for this reason that I am taking time to blog about it.

Ironically, I did mention this to someone I work with, a young professional woman, and while we talked about many aspects of the movie, she did say half-jokingly, “Well, men are a little dumb.” So to those that wonder why I am even wasting my time blogging about a movie…that is why. She has already been sufficiently saturated with the dumb-guy meme that I am sure intelligent and assertive men come as a surprise to her, a deviation from the “normal” way men are supposed to be. I guess if women want to set the bar that low, then met will meet their expectations.

Thankfully, there is already hate on this movie on the internet, and I am always relieved to see the word wide web in tune with the obvious. I put some great article comments below, but I still need to vent my own frustrations.

Quickly, the premise of the movie is that moms try too hard to be perfect and as a result, put way too much stress and strain on themselves and they need to loosen their grip a bit and relax. Also, men are useless sex meat. Parallel subplot; men are bad.

As I watched the lead mom run around like crazy for the first ten minutes and my first honest thought was, where was the dad? Why wasn’t he helping with picking up the kids? Making dinner? Going to PTA? Cleaning the house? Making breakfast? Picking up the dry cleaning? I honestly, no joke, assumed she must be a single mom because most families don’t operate like that. Then I met the dad.

The dad is shown as a barely sentient Neanderthal, however, somehow also a successful stock broker. Is that a nod to the male patriarchy where even the dumbest male can be successful because he’s male, but smart women are oppressed no matter how hard they work?

I immediately had a recall of Phil Dunphy from ‘Modern Family,’ a popular TV show that true to modern form, shows how dad’s can only be dimwitted buffoons leaving their wives to manage the entire family, akin to…

  • Married with Children
  • The Simpsons
  • Flintstones
  • King of the Hill
  • American Dad
  • Family Guy
  • Everybody Loves Raymond
  • King of Queens

Two seconds later, the movie shows the equally slow and barbaric, ever-failing young son juxtaposed across the breakfast table from the young geeky eyeglass wearing over ambitious well-spoken daughter. I had barely made a dent in my popcorn and already my head was exploding.

In fact I am left wondering if the family dog was male too as it also added to the family’s woes. The movie left that question unanswered, but I think we can make an assumption.

Later on, the moms standing outside the school as the kids are dropped off are all jaw dropped at the hot, muscular, single dad who walks by – ogling and talking about him as his sexy slab of beefsteak cat-walked by (which ironically highlights the double standard that women apply to objectifying the opposite sex). Left me wondering, is everyone in this movie unhappily married or a single parent – that’s all I saw.

Now…I’ve seen women at a strip club first hand, and let me tell you…that is a sight to behold. While men quietly sit and sip their whiskey and visually drink in the mostly naked women around them on the stage, it’s the women that are pressed hard ten deep against the catwalk screaming like feral cats in heat fist banging the floor as mostly naked men strut by. My understanding of women was shockingly and irrevocably altered when I saw that for the first time, and not necessarily in a bad way…I simply learned that women are only human, despite what the media, Hollywood and the feminists portray with their promotion of the  W.O.W. effect.

This humanity was punctuated in the movie by the PTA party that was thrown by the lead mom where women “let it all go” and danced sexually with moms three-way kissing with other moms while doing whip-its with whip cream cans and drinking and partying like teenagers let loose at their first frat party. I guess that is what is supposed to happen when women are released from their male patriarchal bondage?

Should I even mention that when these women finally decide to cut themselves loose, they jump into a stereo typically man’s man of a car (one of their husbands), a hot red 1970 Dodge Challenger muscle car, and let it rip. Seems ironic.


At least men are good for ONE thing in this movie, designing and building the muscle car the women ditch their minivans for. Why seek out real men when you can just seek out real men’s cars?

The lead mom’s boss in the movie was shown as a dorky, lazy, start-up owner – male of course – who then fired her for her unexplained LOA as she decided to become a “Bad Mom” and scale back her workload. If she was that good, no boss would fire her without asking her what was going on. Perhaps a phone call asking, “What’s happening, are you okay, how can I help?” He could ask what is it he could do to retain her obvious talents. But no, she’s a woman, and men just fire women because that’s what men do, I guess.

It’s as if she has no autonomy, as if women are perpetual victims to male hegemony. Did she ever ask for a raise? Did she ever ask to work fewer hours? Did she ever ask for more help? Did she ever look for another job? Did she ever scale back her work to match her salary on her own? The movie never addresses these questions. So who is the real dullard in this situation? Who works for more than their remuneration without hope for advancement and whose fault is it to not ask for, nor seek that advancement either at their current company or elsewhere? But hey, simple answer, the boss man’s fault. Men’s fault.

Then when his company falls apart without her, because only women work hard in companies and only those hard working women keep companies solvent, he asks her to come back and name her price, which she says is twice her pay and to hire three women for her team. Not three employees mind you, three women specifically. Now…take a moment to flip that script and make her a guy asking a woman boss to hire three men to round out his team. What would the media and feminist reaction to that patriarchal male chauvinist white Nazi fascist elitism look like? But a woman does it, and nobody’s calling her a Nazi. More double standards.

Oh, and wait, her boss was an annoying immature male but he owned a start-up, while she, the woman, was the backbone of the entire company? Does this suggest that even the most failing men can start up companies due to their secret handshake white male privilege and she can’t because she is “just a woman” even though the movie portrays her as the proxy CEO of the company working for half what she deserves with no team to assist her?

Hey, why is every single one of the failing and horrible men in this movie white and the only redeeming hot guy all the women want is Latino?

Hey, why is there a black girl as one of the PTA cronies that helps run the school, but not a single “bad” black dad in the entire movie?

When the lead mom’s son is failing at school and gets a ‘D’ in his class, the required male response was completed by the dumb dad giving his dumb son a high-five. The mom’s response, and I will use a comment from another website to explain…

The misandry was made explicit in the film when Kunis’ character lectures her lazy son about how he needs to work harder on school work or else he might grow up to be yet another entitled, creepy White male. Just think about that for a second. She wasn’t telling her son he needed to get better grades or else he’s grounded, nor was she telling him that he can’t play video games until his homework is all done. *She was telling him that White males totally suck and that he, by extension, kinda sucks.* If you did not smirk at how preposterous that scene is, you are retarded. Remember, this is a *mother talking to her child.*

I also saw shots of large PTA crowds at the school in this movie. All women. Heads of the PTA? Women. Head of the soccer league? Another stupid dumb male, easily cowed into submission by the head of the PTA into benching someone’s kid. All of this showing that men are not engaged in the education of their children, it’s all up to the moms. Men are easily manipulated and controlled. Men are just sperm donors to women who want babies, and like some kind of Praying Mantis, men have no useful purpose after breeding except to keep the bank accounts flush using their male patriarchy secret society benefits to secure an income from the boys club of capitalist society.

How about the fact that the mom in the movie divorces the dad, and there is apparently no fallout from the kids. They don’t seem to care in the movie that dad has moved out, they just accept it in stride as a natural outcome of human relationships. Meanwhile, the dad casually mentions he is staying at the Waldorf Astoria during the divorce and the mom says, “What? Our divorce is not supposed to be your vacation” – because, you know, Dad’s are financially inept elitist morons.

The only other dads in this movie include one that embezzled a million dollars from a non-profit children’s group and another was an overbearing hard-assed dad with an erectile dysfunction problem (the wife pointed out to her girlfriends) that made his stay-at-home wife take care of the kids and lifted nary a finger in their care himself (except for his Praying Mantis income) – because again – these are the only other types of Dads out there; corrupted evil capitalistic pigs or impotent male chauvinist bullies. In the end, this particular mom had managed to cow him into submission as shown in a closing scene where he was pushing the double-wide stroller, carrying the shoulder bag and sheepishly admitted to forgetting the diaper bag in the car and tail tucking his way back to get it while the mom just walked presidentially along side the stroller. Clearly, his historical boorish behavior now requires slavish retribution. The only thing missing was the yoke and chain around his neck with the other end in the hand not carrying her latte.

I get it that this was a comedy movie, but it was supposed to be about bad moms. Moms breaking the “perfect mom” mold and getting wild and crazy. That sounded funny. I had no idea it was going to have a parallel plot line called bad dads. If I was a young woman watching this movie, I would be terrified of men and decide never to get married and start researching sperm banks and how I could combine a full-time career with State Aid so I could avoid the clearly dangerous and destructive role that men play in society and the devastating repercussions of having a man involved in raising children.

To circle back for a moment on how women have brought this “perfect mom” paradigm upon themselves. As I have often said, “Women dress for women, not men.” As you may have noticed, men’s fashion does not change fundamentally from decade to decade. Outside of youthful fashion trends, post 20’s something men’s fashion has not changed much. Women however, in fashion at all stages of life, are constantly propelled to keep up – with other women. Men have always been happy with the little black dress, tube tops, short jean skirts and cutoff shorts. Everyone knows men are easy. We like sexy, we like playful, we like tomboy, we like stunning – depending on the occasion – all of which could fit in a broom closet. Any closet larger than that are just clothes to impress other women.

Like women’s fashion, it’s a small group of women (feminists and their greater fool narcissistic compatriots) that demand all other women to prove their independence from men. To hold down the perfect career after getting the perfect education, raising the perfect 1.88 kids with the perfect dog in the perfect home, perfectly furnished with perfect hors d’oeuvres at perfect dinner parties in the perfect marriage on the perfect street attending the perfect school and taking the most perfect vacations dutifully posted on social media with the perfect filters. And if it’s not possible to do that with men, then do it without them and officially declare their independence from men, which the State (hypocritically and ironically run by and mostly paid for by men) is willing to help them achieve. Women need to reject this abhorrent mangling of what a family is supposed to be.  It is these kinds of women driving this perception of what a stable and happy family is supposed to be, they put all of this pressure on themselves, then blame society, or the dad’s or men in general as the root of their stress and strain.

This arms race that women have with other women is exhausting to watch. On the list of “pros” for being a man, I put not being any part of that as a serious asset. It looks like hell, but that never stops women from twisting themselves and their lives into pretzels trying to win the unwinnable. Men learned long ago, best not to play at all.

In fact the only good message I saw in this movie at all, was the moms scaling back their self-crippling responsibilities. There is a scene where the mom decides not to cook breakfast for her two kids. The kids act like starving chicks squawking in fear at the looming starvation before them. But what really happened? The boy taught himself how to make a breakfast frittata. Now…I’d argue if the dad was not made out to be an idiot, this is something the boy would have learned a long time ago from him, because the dad would have stopped the mom from doting over his son’s every narcissistic impulse and forced the boy to establish independence much sooner.

I’ve certainly done this with my own daughter. When its Daddy babysitting and I drop a slice of pizza in front of her that is not cut into bite sized pieces flipped over with the cheese side down so she doesn’t get her fingers sticky, and she complains about the presentation and her expectations and asks for something else, I simply point out that I’m not making dinner for another five hours so she can eat that slice of pizza the way it is or not eat it, I don’t care, up to her – as I sit down and eat my pizza right in front of her. Fifteen minutes later I am dropping another slice of pizza on that plate and she is asking me if I am proud that she ate it like a big girl. And of course I am and I tell her so. Hell, I want my pizza in bite sized pieces, turned upside down too, but that’s not going to happen. Kids will make you do exactly what you are willing to let them make you do, and this is driven by an ID the size of Texas, so good luck in ever finding the bottom to that hole if you are not willing to challenge them and teach them the real world. In my house, that son would have been making frittatas years ago.

In summary, I am sick of this feminist male hating propaganda. There is more than enough research to show that fathers play a positive and critical role in the development of their children. Are there bad dads? Sure, just like there are bad moms. I see them all the time, on the Netflix jail shows, in the news as teachers sleeping with 15 year old boy students, trapping men financially by lying about being on birth control, divorcing men and taking everything from them, lying about being raped (a constant favorite these days), or the ones that toss their babies into dumpsters, hell, bad moms even murder their husbands then light their house on fire with six of their kids inside then drive into a river in order to commit suicide and to kill their infant baby…but the positive role that normal men and woman play collaboratively as moms and dads for their children is undisputed. I have yet to see a report from anywhere that scientifically attempts to prove that fathers are bad for their children. I am sure many feminist groups have tried.

Men do laundry, do dishes, cook dinner, fix the cars, keep the house in working order, bring home money, provide physical security and are often the teachers of rambunctious play and challenging their children to reach harder, take chances, be autonomous, and build self-esteem. Dads kill the spiders and mosquitoes, check under the beds, replace the light bulbs in the night lights and the batteries in the toys. Just like moms, dads would die for their children, or kill for them. We provide as much love for our children as the moms do and are as loved as much by our children as moms are. Both men and women have to step up and start pushing back with emails, comments and blog posts against the feminists blitz against men, mens’ values and the role men play in society and families.

Men do the fighting and dying in war, and live with the missing limbs and the mental trauma. Men do the dangerous jobs that kill them. Men do the disgusting jobs that women don’t want. Men are here when  women need them, but if they aren’t careful, women may get what they are asking for.

If society continues down this road, women may find out that men need women a lot less than women need men. A man’s drive for a woman is to satisfy our instinctual desire to protect, to provide and to be recognized as important. If women insist on undermining that fact about our instincts, then men will have no reason to engage with women at all (except to have sex and toss them aside) – and I’m sorry to say, that will have a more severe impact on woman then it will on men. If women want man-children, then that’s what they will get.



“While none of these dads are given nearly as much screen time as the
moms, the way that they all approach fatherhood says a lot about the
role of dads in reality and in the media.”

Uhh, slow down there. The film shows us what the media thinks about fathers. It does not show us a goddamn thing about the role of fathers in reality. The film is fictitious, you know. And they didn’t make the dads idiotic and cartoonishly evil for the sake of realism. The made them that way to indulge female audiences in their resentments towards their husbands and men in general, to get audiences to identify emotionally with the film by reinforcing the idea that moms are martyrs who do all the work and husbands are unappreciative bastards, and to be able to indulge women’s fantasies of getting pounded by the hot dad they see at parent-teacher conferences without making the mom in the film who is having an affair with the hot dad look like the bad guy.

The misandry was made explicit in the film when Kunis’ character lectures her lazy son about how he needs to work harder on school work or else he might grow up to be yet another entitled, creepy White male. Just think about that for a second. She wasn’t telling her son he needed to get better grades or else he’s grounded, nor was she telling him that he can’t play video games until his homework is all done. *She was telling him that White males totally suck and that he, by extension, kinda sucks.* If you did not smirk at how preposterous that scene is, you are retarded. Remember, this is a *mother talking to her child.*

This film is an abortion. It is a feminist abomination. The film tells us that these are “bad” (but actually bad-ass) moms because they eschew society’s expectations that they obsess over their children every second and push them to do a million things for the sake of a shot at getting into an Ivy League school and hang out and have fun. But the thing is, they are all actually bad moms but for completely different reasons.

“But while the film could go further in its criticism of lazy fathers or portrayals of engaged ones, overall it calls for the average father to do more, just as it calls for the average mother to calm down and let herself do a little less.”

That you take it as axiomatic that fathers need to do more and moms need to do be given some slack says quite a bit. I wonder- would the author whine about sexism if a dad in real life insisted that his wife “do less” by forgoing some of her career ambitions? Because let’s assume for a second that moms ARE doing too much. Does that mean they should not worry about working as much and just work part time or not at all so they can spend more time doing traditional mom tasks? No, of course not. “Why should she have to give up her dream of being an executive at X company?” I’m sure the author would say that men need to become women so that women can have the freedom to be men. Do you think that Mila Kunis’ character would have actually blown her husband if he cleaned the kitchen? Because “choreplay” is bullshit. It kills sex lives. It makes women see their men as women and they lose attraction for them. This idea that men need to be women so that women can be in charge is dangerous and it ruins marriages.

Indeed. The movie itself is a case in point. If men care too much about their family and question their wives for going on impromptu lunches without telling anyone, and leaving 4 kids at home, they are “EVIL OPPRESSIVE MEN”!!! If they opt out and stop involving themselves in family life the are “SLOVENLY SELFISH MANCHILD ASSHOLES!”. If they earn lots of money “THEY ARE EVIL, THEY MUST BE DOING THINGS LIKE EMBEZZLING MONEY FROM CHILDREN’S’ CHARITIES”. If they don’t earn much “THEY ARE LAZY IDIOTS WHO CAN’T PROVIDE FOR THEIR SAINTLY WIVES WHO SUFFER IN SILENCE”.

Hell, according to this movie its even fun to laugh about your own son for being a stupid dirty boy while you take your daughter out to get pampered. Then when you are with your son (by chance), you are warning him that he must not grow into just another white guy, because they are lazy and entitled menaces to society. Your daughter’s only vice, of course, is in being just too studious for her own good, unlike her lazy idiotic brother. It seems men can only be “right” when they are muscular latinos, who stay to one side most of the time and look pretty. This movie is beyond misandry, it is the type of insanity that brings down civilizations. Fortunately there are women in the world you know this and decry it for the self-indulgent, hypocritical poison that it is.

If you didn’t interpret it that way then you have poor reading comprehension. The article says that the cartoonishly retarded and selfish dads in the film tells us something about dads in real life, implying that the absurd portrayal of fathers as selfish children and mothers as heroic martyrs who “just need a break” is legitimate, reflects reality, and is not just there to gratify bitter female audiences. The fact is that the reason why they beat up on dads so much (besides the natural tendency of mothers to resent and complain about their husbands) is because they are the only people left who you can make the butt of a joke without causing outrage. It’s politically incorrect to make fun of anyone else the way that straight white men, especially fathers, are in entertainment.


Even ads are heavily biased towards maintaining the second-rate parent, dumbed-down doltish father figure trope…

“Ad after ad makes doltish Dad the butt of all jokes,” wrote Seth Stevenson with Slate Magazine. ‘He’s outwitted by his children. He’s the target of condescending eye rolls from his wife. He’s a dumb, incompetent, sometimes even selfish oaf — but his family loves him anyway.'”

For example, a Huggies diapers commercial which aired early last year stated, “To prove Huggies can handle just about anything, we put them to the toughest test imaginable: dads, alone with their babies, in one house, for five days.”

The assumption that dads can’t take care of their own children was offensive to one man in particular. Chris Routley of Breinigsville, Penn., is a stay-at-home dad who decided to take action. After viewing the Huggies commercial, Routley put together a petition on In his statement, Routley wrote, ‘Why not find a way to celebrate dads in a way that doesn’t minimize, stereotype and judge us as — at best — well-meaning but second-class parents?’

In March 2012, Routley received more than 1,000 signatures on the petition. Huggies contacted Routley promising to remove the ad and to create a new ad that showed caring, competent fathers. CNN reported the new commercial slogan produced by Huggies which stated: ‘To prove Huggies wipes can handle anything, we asked real dads to put them to the test, with their own babies, on spaghetti night.’

All of this needs to stop. Men are sick of it, and women that recognize and appreciate the value men have to society and families need to speak up against it. If men decide they’ve had enough, and abandon their roles in society, it’s not going to be the feminist utopia that so many feminists think it will be. MGTOW. Is that the future for men?


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  1. Great review for a great film such as this! The story line is awesome and it goes straight in the feels. I haven’t seen this movie but I got really interested after reading your review. Thanks

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