Operation Temperer: The Response of The Stupid to the Manchester Terror Attack

With yet another terrorist attack notched on the belt of Liberals forever allowing incompatible cultures into their society and wondering why they keep killing people, we can add yet another absolutely ridiculous response to such crisis; Operation Temperer.

Great name. Too bad it won’t work.

This is getting all too predictable. As Macron, the new next-in-line-to-fail leader of France said, terrorism, “this threat, this imponderable problem, is part of our daily lives for the years to come.” In other words, since the Liberals of the world refuse to shut off the spigot of western-hating ideologies flowing into their civilized nations, and then also bombing those ideological nations, you just need to get used to your neighbors and family being blown apart or mowed down.

Either you are at war with a country or a culture or an ideology or you aren’t. You can’t simultaneously offer the olive branch in one hand and a tomahawk missile in the other – not without consequences.

Interesting that Macron chose the word, “imponderable.” It means there is no solution. And there you have it. These decades of war that have been fought in the Middle East, the thousands dead, the thousands mangled, the billions of dollars that have been spent, the explosion of invasive NSA surveillance and all the draconian laws that Governments have passed all in an effort to win the “war on terror” were for naught. Terrorism is imponderable, according to Macron, therefore, all of our efforts to fight it for the past 25 years must have been a complete waste of time! Where was this genius Macron (or someone like him) back in 1991 before Desert Storm, he could have saved thousands of lives and trillions of dollars.

How about this one? How about not waging war on other cultures that you also have within your own borders? Would anyone be shocked if America, in the 1800’s, was waging war on Ireland and an Irishman born in America, or who had recently immigrated there, decided enough was enough, and got tired of his family and friends being killed back home, and became a suicide bomber? I think it would be quite obvious what happened. And yet, the same thing happens here, and nobody talks about it.

Prior to England’s Prime Minister proposing Operation Temperer, let’s review what Europe’s response has typically been to terrorist attacks:

Terrorist Action Plan

As Ariana Grande can now speak to with experience, this plan has not worked a single time, but as it relates to this latest attack, I’ve already seen #1, #2, #3, #4, #5 and we can assume #6 since any attempt to stop that is the only Liberal crisis that would override the news about the Manchester attack itself.

The only difference I can see in this latest attack is that after #8, we have a new #9 called, “Put soldiers on the street within the civilian population but don’t call it Martial Law.”

And how, exactly, is that supposed to help?

How will 5,000 soldiers stop a car, hidden among hundreds of cars, in traffic, on a typical day, from suddenly gunning it down a busy sidewalk mowing over dozens of people and exploding along the way?

How will 5,000 soldiers stop a concert guest, hidden among thousands of concert guests, at a typical event, from suddenly exploding and leaving a crater of the dead behind?

How will 5,000 soldiers stop a truck, among hundreds of trucks going about their daily business of dropping off and picking up deliveries on a typical day from suddenly accelerating towards a large group of people or shopping center or public gathering and detonating a massive payload of explosives inside the crowd?

How will 5,000 soldiers stop a guy from paying for and pulling into an event parking lot just like everybody else and staying in his car the entire event, only to emerge at the end as thousands pour out of the venue so he can walk up to them and detonate?

Do we search every car at the entrance? Do we search the trunks? Do we search for devices mounted below the car on remote detonators? Do we pull everyone out of the car and frisk or wand all of them before they can even go near the parking lot? Thousands of cars? Thousands more people?

What stops someone from jumping the fence way out on the edge of the parking lot during the event and walking up to the people exiting at the end of the show and detonating? Or a few people delaying when they jump the fence, so if the first guy who has no bomb is approached by security for jumping the fence, another with a bomb can jump the fence somewhere else unseen thanks to the distraction and walk towards the exiting crowd and detonate.

What about open air street fairs? What about packed bars on St. Patrick’s Day with no more than a bouncer checking licenses or dance clubs packed end to end with only one or two guys at the door, easily killed or distracted and allowing one or more suicide bombers to just walk into the center of the club and detonate.

Do you see? Do you see how quickly this degrades into an impossibility to prevent or total martial law? Their ability to get at us is infinite and there is ZERO security measures anyone can take that will prevent it. Not 5,000 soldiers, not 50,000 soldiers. If Europe and America do not look at the cause of this disease instead of constantly trying to deal with the symptoms and failing every single time, Macron will be right, for exactly the amount of time that Europe and America choose to ignore the cause.

You cannot wage war on a culture or ideology and not expect there to be internal consequences. And if you believe that all of these wars are necessary, then you must accept that every single terrorist attack is simply a necessary but unfortunate evil that is a result of your belief and the deaths and casualties are simply collateral damage in the war you support. Like so many wars before, if you are not ready to annihilate on a genocidal scale the enemy you hate so much, then this 25 year stale-mate will continue for generations.

The only difference we will see from Operation Temperor is 5,000 more people, all dressed the same, helping to clean up the mess from the next attack, and then the same old tearful cartoons, Facebook filters, crying on TV, lit up buildings and candlelit vigils. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Right now, there are people walking around, children playing on playgrounds, that will die a bloody painful death in the next attack. But go ahead Europe, hold your candles, virtue signal the hell out of your Facebook feed and “like” those sad tweets from Hollywood movie stars and cults of personality.

As long as Europe keeps ignoring the elephant in the room, it will keep shitting all over them, people will keep being slaughtered and they’re gonna run out of candles.

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  1. A war waged against the Mohammedans seems like the most direct solution. Or should we have applied the same cultural tolerance you laud to communists and socialists in the prior millennium?

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