What happens when Liberals completely take over a college – Evergreen State College

The video is at the bottom of this post. If you think you can stomach it, go ahead and watch. Brace yourself. If you want to watch an entitled student body crush a white man into submission or maybe a nervous mental breakdown, you have to watch this video.

The student body has also released their list of demands, which you can see here.

First off, props to Dan from Squirrel Hill. It was Dan’s site where I first saw this incredible clip and previously bought his book on Amazon titled, “1,342 well sourced examples of Obama’s lying, lawbreaking, corruption, cronyism, hypocrisy, waste, etc..”

A  little history first. Evergreen College is #4 in a list of the most liberal colleges in the state of Washington. It is a liberal-arts college with Liberal Arts and Humanities being the overwhelming major of choice by the student body. It has also been in the news recently for a protest by students against a white professor who politely declined to be absent from campus during a “Day of Absence and Day of Presence” demonstration that was organized by the college’s Director of First Peoples Multicultural Advising Services, Rashida Love. Yes, that’s apparently a job, or something.

On this day white instructors and students were instructed to leave campus for a day so minority students and faculty could remain to discuss their trials and tribulations. The protest against this professor included some 50 students who were demanding he resign and confronted him outside of his classroom. Eventually the ordeal made its way outside where the protestors were uneventfully met by police, so they went back inside and took refuge in the college’s Trans & Queer Center/Unity Lounge posting lookouts for any additional police activity outside. They also confronted the college President, George Bridges with some students screaming obscenities at him and telling him to, “shut the f*** up.”

Here are some other insightful observations on the video from this liberal schools liberal student body…


“Whiteness is the most violent f**kin’ system to ever breathe!”

“I’m tired of white people talking about what black and brown people need.”

“These white-ass faculty members need to be holding HIM [President Bridges?], and HIM, and ALL these people accountable!”

“F**K YOU [President] GEORGE [Bridges], we don’t wanna listen to a GODDAMN thing you have to say! No, you shut the fuck up!”

“I’m tellin’ you, you’re speakin’ to your ancestor, all right?  We been here before you. We built these cities, we had civilization way before you ever had…comin’ out your caves.”

“You have the f**king nerve to, like, f**king dehumanize our (unintelligible)!”

As of today, June 1, the campus was evacuated due to a direct threat with all students and faculty asked to remain home by local authorities.

Now more on the Liberals-from-Hell story…

Evergreen State College President George Bridges held a meeting with representatives of the student body to address their demand that they not be required to do homework. Yes, you read that right.

As you can see, the President of this college is an incredibly weak milk sop who has been Peter Principled to the point of absolute and total obedience to any show of force or threat. It is clear that he is actually afraid of his students which has allowed the insane to run the asylum.

The video is below, but I transcribed some of the better statements from the students and the President.

A student says, “We’re all here on our own time” as if that is somehow unique or special to anyone in the student or working world.

A student says, “They [the faculty] need to be told these assignments will not be done on time, and we won’t be penalized for that.” The President responds saying he will follow up on that but says, “I don’t know the name of every student here.” To which he is met with a flurry of outcries by several students screaming,  “That doesn’t matter, that doesn’t matter, just send it to the whole faculty!!!” with one black racist student saying, “The Vice President (of the college) is black so I know she can do it” followed with some laughs at his expense.

The room, very small and packed becomes very loud from all of the yelling and talking so the President holds his hands up in the universal sign of ‘please quiet down’ to which he is told by a black woman behind him, probably faculty, to “put your hands down” because apparently that is threatening, to which he actually apologizes and says he speaks with his hands, and then proceeds to make sure his hands stay down.

You will see however, many other students raising and waving their hands around as they talk. When they do it, it’s not threatening but he is male, and white, so he can’t raise his hands because of white privilege or male patriarchy or cis-gender or all three? I have trouble following all the rules.

Another student says, “You act like we don’t have technology yo” as they tell him to just email the faculty of the new rule of no homework.

The President then says, calmly and quietly, “Please” as he asks for a moment to share his thought, to which he is met with another outburst of yelling from several students saying, “YOU PLEASE GEORGE! YOU PLEASE!” and “Watch your language George!” mocking him and disrespecting his position by using his first name.

The President then says, “I need some privacy folks, I’m sorry. I have claustrophobia” when another black student blurts out, “OH! We endure hate crimes on your campus and we pay to be here” and another black students yells out, “Students of color have to work in threatening environments every day. Welcome. Welcome. Get to work!” another show of entitlement and disrespect.

The President also says, “I’m sorry folks. I will work on these. Hold me accountable by Friday” admitting his complete submission to their demands.

Lastly he says, “I’m gonna try to copy this [the new rule] to put it up on the website” when again, several students scream at him, “You can scan it! You can scan it! Get the fuck outta here” and “We gotta tell him this?” and “Management skills.”

Can’t wait for them to graduate. Would you hire them? Don’t worry, the Government that rules you will and then they get to make the rules.

Or worse, and more likely, they simply become teachers themselves, of YOUR children.

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