Supports Dream Act. Unsupport

I had to end my membership with today due to an email I received from them about their support of the Dream Act.

I cannot financially support a company that has chosen to reward parents who committed a felony by crossing the border illegally simply because they chose to bring children with them.

No, it’s not the children’s fault – it is 100% the parents fault for taking the risk of smuggling their children here. The risk they took, beyond their children being molested in transit which is quite common, was that they would all be deported, and possibly after their children had established themselves here. The blame is with the parents.

If black, or white, or Asian parents commit a felony, there are no protests, TV appearances and social media virtue signalling about how we just can’t let those parents go to jail because #thechildren.  If you commit a crime, you do the time. Parents that commit crime are torn from their kids every day in America. Don’t see that on CNN though.

If, as a society, we don’t like the time for the crime, then we change it through the legal system. This was tried, and Congress, the only law-making body that has the authority to make laws did not pass this law. Obama, being the narcissistic globalist asshole that he is decided to use an executive order to make the Dream Act illegally legal. Which means Trump, with the exact same illegal authority, can make the illegally legal illegal again. And so goes Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. Which is why law making is only done by Congress. Except in tin pot dictatorships like what America has become where laws can come and go now like Whack-A-Mole and all the shit-storms and social upheaval that causes.

The solution is not to have a wide-open border and then reward anyone that comes across it with a path to citizenship and a welfare state, then tear society apart every time someone shows up that wants to actually enforce the law. But that is a great way to start a Civil War or a Race War, which, incidentally, may not be too far from what the government wants anyway.

The solution is a means-tested system that awards millions of immigrants from every country in the world the chance to come to America based on their education and skills and their ability to support themselves. That is fair, that is universal, and it gives everyone a chance, not just our southern neighbors, the opportunity to come here with their CHILDREN and work, and live, and be prosperous. I wonder, what is the argument from those that support the DREAM act against my proposed solution? Because the only argument against it, would be because it doesn’t help Mexicans, specifically.

But why should only Mexicans be allowed to come here illegally and then be rewarded for it? There are families, and children, all over the world that are in the same circumstances that Mexican families are in, but they seem to only care about making illegal Mexican immigration legal. That’s racist, isn’t it? Why is the Dream Act only for Spanish speaking brown people? Why aren’t they fighting for all people all over the world to come here illegally and live better lives? Why aren’t they fighting to open the borders up for the entire world to just come here to America, millions and millions a year and live here? By their own standards, they are being racist.

Because it’s all a lie. Mexicans want Mexicans to come here illegally and be made legal because it helps Mexicans. If it were millions of Bangladeshis coming to the US and taking jobs from Mexicans and making Mexicans pay more taxes for the social services the Bangladeshis were using you can bet your ass the Mexicans would be building a wall between America and Bangladesh.

And the Democrats…well….they can’t seem to get any traction with the socialist argument. Americans just don’t seem too keen on eating their pets like the socialist Venezuelans are doing now. So they are stacking the deck…putting their thumb on the scale…they know Mexicans vote 80% Democrat….so when you can’t win the argument, you just channel stuff the ballot box with a culture that predominately votes Democrat. And that will yield more government, bigger government, more intrusive government, more social programs, more taxes…

As Stefan Molyenux said recently…the culture of Mexicans is to support larger government. That is what they consistently and overwhelmingly vote for. That is their culture. And it’s all about culture. So if you took millions of Mexicans and dropped them into Japan replacing all the Japanese, you’d just get Mexico on an island. Culture matters. The Democrats know that, so they are importing a big-government culture.

It’s not about the children. It’s about self-serving incentives, for Mexicans and for Democrats. And that’s it.

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