Racist Freezer Accused for Black Teen Death?

Racist FreezerIt is tragic, honestly. Nobody wants to see a 19 year old get stone cold drunk and stumble through a hotel, trying doors and fumbling around, then be found dead days later inside a walk-in freezer. It could have been any girl at any party in any hotel. It’s one of those unfortunate accidents that happens. It just is, and it’s sad and I sympathize with her mother and her family.

But to then view a loud group of black people chanting, “No Justice! No Peace!” after what is clearly an accident, just drives the point home that nobody is safe from the misdirected rage and anger that blacks have for whites, and for society in general.

What we have is a lid barely being held down on a boiling pot of a subculture that rather than join the culture within which it lives, and enjoy the freedoms and opportunities that are available to everyone who lives here, they choose….CHOOSE…to be angry, violent, vicious, and assume every unfortunate event in their lives is somehow directly, or tangentially, or dreamily due to the white man, the white culture, or the white system – whatever those terms even mean.

This too, is sad. Because rather than focus on what is really causing their decline, such as rampant single-motherhood, non-peaceful parenting, runaway criminality – they blame the clouds and the dandelions. They blame objects that have nothing to do with the source of their internally driven demise and as such, they either avoid fixing their self-perpetuated problems or ignore them out of convenience, virtue signalling, and wanting so desperately to be accepted by their peers that view any deviation from what blacks define as being “black,” as being white, and therefore the enemy.

What a hole to hell that all quickly becomes.

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