Bunny Friend Park Mass Shooting? What shooting?

So yeah, I never heard of it either. Thanks to Hot Air for writing something about it.

So in 2015, ten men with guns shot up a crowd during a parade in a major tourist city and there is almost NO news coverage about it…or to be more blunt, there is zero coverage about it compared to any other mass shooting in the U.S., especially when the Liberals and Media love a good mass shooting so they can blame guns, gun culture, white racism, white people, oppressed minorities and American culture in general.

As Hot Air so accurately points out…

If this event were being reported anywhere outside of a twenty block radius of the park we’d probably be getting all sorts of information by this point. For example, how many of the guns have been recovered? So far there only seems to be mention of one “semi-automatic handgun” which was fired from a wheelchair. But what model of gun is it? Was it purchased legally? Would any existing or proposed gun laws have stopped this tragedy? What motivated all of the shooters to embark on this rampage? These and many more questions would be examined endless on CNN, MSNBC and the editorial pages of the nation’s largest newspapers if the rest of the country were aware of the Bunny Friend Park mass shooting.

Where are the guns? Were they legal? What laws would have prevented this tragedy? What motivations did they have? Indeed. All questions we have come so used to hearing after any shooting, mass or otherwise.

But for some reason, this particular shooting, the fourth largest mass shooting in 2015, wasn’t good enough for Liberals to promote all of their dogmatic persecutions and as a result, a mass shooting inside America has gone largely…unreported. Hm.

Here are the shooters.

Bunny Friend Park Shooters

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  1. the mohammedans pain the arabic letter ‘noon’ on dwellings followed by murder squads to remove “followers of the Nazarene”

    Not a peep in the media.

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