The Hijacker Paradox: 100 vs 1

Dont Tread On MeAs I stated in a previous post, I believe most of us see what is going on and we make decisions in our personal lives to create a “workaround” for the governments intervention in our plans and dreams.  How sad is it that we have to “workaround” our own government?

I often find that when I talk to people about big government, the bailouts, Government Motors, TARP, The Fed, social programs, etc…. I find more likeminded people than not, regardless of their party affiliation.

But there is a problem.  I call it the “Hijacker Paradox.”

It’s entirely possible for a single hijacker with a gun to control a plane with 100 people on board.  One man…versus 100.  And yet that one man has all the control.  Why is that?  It’s because every person on that plane is thinking that they would attack the hijacker at an opportune time, but does not know if anyone else would help them and without such help would mean certain death.  As a result, they do not attack the hijacker, and neither does anyone else.

But if there was a way for every person on that plane to know that every other person on that plane had the same thought then no one would hesitate to attack.

But because no one person knows if others are thinking the same thing, nothing is done.

As part of my resistance, I have started communicating what I am thinking, but on a personal level.  It’s quite simple, but it effectively removes the Hijacker Paradox.  I wear clothes outside of work that nonverbally communicate what I am thinking and everyone who sees me, and agrees with me, quietly realizes they are not alone.  They realize that this crazy idea that government was getting too big and too invasive is not just in their head, not just their problem.  They see me and think, “here is another guy who obviously thinks the same thing.”

The first day I did this, I observed many people looking at my shirt.  Within an hour someone commented positively on it as they walked past me.  We are all around us and we don’t even realize it.

The more people who communicate this message, the more people will realize they are not alone.  Then not only are they not alone, they are everyone.

It is that thinking that unites 100 against 1


Help communicate.  I recommend to get started.  Search “big government.”  I will add other sites as I find them to the blog sidebar under the heading “Resist.”

As I stated in my “About Me” page, I do not get any compensation in any form from any of these sites.  I like the site and I like many of the shirts. It’s that simple.

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