BigGovernment-751605I hate being an activist.

I was perfectly happy being a business systems analyst and accountant.  I had plans that I had to put on hold because of the economy.  Since I tie the delay to my future happiness to the economic meddling and social experimentation of our government, I get angry.  That’s what turns everyday peaceful working class citizens into activists.

And when I use the term, “activist,” I don’t mean the Greenpeace type vigilantism that rams whaling boats and such, I mean the activist that simply resists.

Those who are of the government and represent the government will always attempt to kill the message by killing the messenger, often through character assaults.

It is simple for them to say, angrily barking into a CNN camera with a furrowed scowl on their face, that fighting against this or that thing which the government wants to do makes us one of “those activists” or “right wing extremists.”  By psychologically manipulating others to associate us with violence, terrorists or extremists, they destroy our message no matter how logical, sound or truthful.

The truth is, WE are the everyday American.  We work, we live, we have families and we want to do more.  We want to grow personally, we want more for our families, we want to be in a position to help others and to prepare for the future.  When government intervenes in those plans, and decides that it knows better what you should be doing, and forcefully takes what you have earned and gives it to those who government decides are worthy, then government becomes the extremist.  Government delays dreams, destroys wealth and takes away your natural freedoms.

So I say RESIST.

My resistance started only five years ago by educating myself through books on how the economy works and how government impacts that economy.  As I learned I decided I needed to share this information which led to this blog.  Future posts will outline additional ways we can resist.

While your life is on hold, while you wait to continue working on your dreams, while you hold your breath everyday to see if you still have a job, while you wait to own a house or for the value of your house to return, while you wait for your investments to recover their losses, while you wait for decent schools and teachers, while you wait for your dollars to be worth something….resist that which put you and your life in this position of waiting.

Resist the redistribution of wealth, resist the expansion of government, resist the development of a nanny state and its socialist programs, resist the national debt and deficit spending, resist labor unions that lobby for neverending pensions and pay raises without accountability for performance, resist The Fed and resist the government’s manipulation of the economy and the free-market system.  Don’t just Exist…


Dont Tread On Me

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