Healthcare Reform Imminent – Important Post – Please Distribute

Contact your Senators now.  We are out of time, this healthcare bill is going to pass. 

Click here, put in your address and it will tell you who to contact for your area.

A sample letter for you to cut and paste…


Dear Sir/Madam:
This healthcare bill is the cornerstone upon which the failure of this Republic will be built.  Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid…all of these government run programs are running unimanginable deficits and now you wish to add another with Universal Healthcare. 
Your vote to support this bill will speak volumes about your disregard to future generations and will bankrupt unborn generations the day you vote for it.  Future medicines and life saving medical equipment that will not only help Americans, but help people all over the world will never be developed.  By instituting price (cost as you like to call it) controls will only discourage investment into future medicines and technologies.  For this many will suffer and die needlessly.  This will occur on your watch.  This will be your legacy.


The passing of this bill will be marked in history generations from now as one of the greatest failures of our generation.  Government is already bankrupting this country with Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and Public Labor Unions, meanwhile any entity the government controls like the Post Office, run losses in the billions.

Now they will take over our healthcare.  Expect the same level of mismanagement.

What keeping costs down really means….

When they say they will keep “costs” down, what they mean is the “price” which is what we are charged for it.

The costs of developing a new life saving medicine or new surgical equipment can never be reduced, only the price.  If a car costs $10,000 to manufacture, but sells for $15,000 – reducing the sales price to $11,000 doesn’t change the $10,000 in costs it took to build the car.  It only means the car company will make $1,000 instead of $5,000 on the sale of the car.

When you force companies to lower their price, they have less money to invest in the costs of research and development.  In the case of cars, it was the profit in cars that allowed car companies to create air bags, anti-lock brakes, traction control, safety glass, better tires, etc…  If  you take away the profits, they have less money to develop improvements.  Imagine cars without air bags or anti-lock brakes.  How many people would have died except for their air bag or anti-lock brakes saving their lives?  If the government had tried to keep the “costs” of buying a car down, more people would be dead now because airbags and anti-lock brakes would never have been developed.

The same is true in medicine and surgical care.  If you force pharmaceutical companies to make less in profits, then they don’t have the money to research and develop new medicines.  They make billions in profits because it takes billions in research to come up with the medicine.  There is nothing wrong with this.  They bring to us a medicine that helps people live better and live longer and as time passes that medicine gets cheaper and cheaper and more and more people have access to it.  However, if that medicine had never been developed, then nobody would have access to it…ever.

With the passing of this bill, we will in one day eliminate the development of life saving drugs and medical care that you yourself may one day die from because they don’t exist, but would have, had government not tried to control the PRICE of medical care.

We are condemning ourselves and our future generations to a reduced standard of care, the absence of medicines that would have saved or improved the lives of millions, all because an ideological few are on a crusade to feel important about themselves.

I often say that government removes our freedoms and destroys our liberties one brick at a time. 

This bill is a wrecking ball.

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