Woman Calls 911 About Burger Order

I would have thought this was fake if I had not read about it from a few legitimate news outlets.  According to Snopes.com this has been circulating the internet since 2005.

Apparently this women from San Clemente is very upset with the Burger King drive-thru service in Laguna Niguel and demands that 911 send someone to straighten out these employees and get her order done right.

These people should be prevented from voting…on anything.  This is the entitlement mentality on steroids.

Note: Snopes confirmed the police did receive this call, but of course it could have been a prank.  That’s a big risk to take for a prank though.

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  1. She should have been arrested for wasting our tax dollars, but then again she would have requested her jail food made her way and cost me even more tax money!

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