Supreme Court Destroys Personal Freedom – Road to Socialism Now Paved

In a not entirely unexpected decision, the Supreme Court of the United States sided with Obama and the Democrats in upholding the individual mandate component of the universal healthcare bill known popularly as, “Obamacare.”

The effect this ruling has on Obamacare is less important than the incredible increase in scope and power the Federal Government has now obtained due to this Supreme Court ruling. By allowing the Federal Government to re-label a “penalty” as a “tax,” the Supreme Court has given the Federal Government the legal authority to make all U.S. citizens do whatever it wants or face a “tax” for failure to do so. Whereas a penalty would have been unconstititional, a tax is not, but the important part is not whether what is in question is truly a penalty or tax, it is only important which word you use to describe it. From now on, you can be sure, all “penalties” for not doing something the government wants you to do, or not do, will be called “taxes.” There is now no limit to the Federal Government of the United States.

There was a time when the Supreme Court was a check-and-balance against the expansiveness and encroachment of the Federal Government. Those days are gone. Now the highest court of the land serves only to approve and rubber-stamp the most critical elements of the Federal Government’s consistent and unrelenting efforts to expand their control over its citizens. Combine this with our RINO hard left Democrat politicians and we are all now citizens of a tyranny where all power, gifts, controls, exemptions, punishments and freedoms come from the Government, to be taken away from us or given to each of us at its whim.

We are all now nothing more than slaves to each other, working to raise money to supply the state redistribution machine so it can decide who will get how much, and when, and for what. As far as I am concerned, today was the end of the United States as our Founders created it. We should be ashamed for what we have allowed to happen. We are now all just cogs in the Government machine, with the Supreme Court setting the last gear in place.

To read about the expansive new powers the government has just acquired thanks to our Supreme Court, please read this.

To read more about the damage that Obamacare will do to our country, our economy, our health and our families, please read the following article. Note the left hand margin that shows each area that will be impacted including; Seniors, Doctors, Business & the Economy, States, Families & Future Generations and the Uninsured.

I’m sorry for what we have become, that our future generations must now suffer through. This is all our fault.

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