Two Free Years of Community College? We Will Never Learn

free-government-moneyWhen I heard that Obama was pandering Liberals to rally around him for two “free” years of community college, I thought – what is this really all about?

The first thing it’s about is that there is no limit to what politicians will offer for free, paid for by us and the unborn, in exchange for votes. I mean, hell, it ain’t their money anyway, so how hard is it to just keep offering shit up for free? The National Debt is only $18T, so who cares? $20T, 30T, 100T – meh, what’s the dealio? It makes no difference to the Government at all.

And the Liberals and Altruists just gobble this stuff up. They never ask how we will pay for it, they just rally around our Dear Leader. Free this, free that, don’t forget to vote Democrat!

So what is this really all about? Here’s why I think Obama is willing to put our grandchildren into more debt – because the Government, ultimately, long after we are gone, wants total control of the colleges, and hey, ya gotta start somewhere. They already have control of the K-12 curriculum, which is horrendously revisionist and omits critical points of our history and lacks even a basic understanding of economics, politics and philosophy. This has sufficiently dumbed down the average American, so the natural next step is to take aim at the colleges and universities and dumb them down as well.

How? Simple. Once the Government is your pimp, you had better turn tricks. The recent roll out of Common Core is an example. The States that implemented Common Core got “free money” from the Government for doing so. The States that signed up to create exchanges for Obamacare got “free money” to do so. It’s not rocket science, the Government simply takes the taxes collected from States that attempt to resist these programs and stay free of Government tyranny, and it redistributes that taxpayer money to those States, and their taxpayers, i.e. voters, that will play ball. In reverse, when you don’t do what the Government wants, you are punished by having your money given to States that do.

In return, once those States take that money, they are hooked. First, because the Government now gets to call the shots. The Government decides what that money can be used for, or can’t be, and they can start controlling the details of what you  are doing as long as it is somehow funded by even a little Government blood money. Fail to comply? Bye bye funding. Second, they are hooked because the money they get from the Government is also often used to shore up holes in their budget or fund other programs, and so they never learn austerity. They don’t make cuts to programs or reduce salaries or any of the things private companies do. So once that Government money comes in and fills all those holes, it’s gone, and now the State is dependent on that money every year because they never made the cuts they should have made in the first place. And just like that, they are peons under the control of the Government Mafia.

It will only be a matter of time that any State or school that accepts this money, will suddenly find itself required to meet certain minimum educational standards as defined by the Government, and that means the Government will have a say in the curriculum, in other words, what can and can’t be taught. Liberals will say that it’s only community college and its only two years, etc.. and the thing that really gets me about Liberals is how short-sighted they are, how narrow of vision. Their absolute blind faith and trust in something as historically insidious as a “Government” blows my mind. Tyranny does not come with soldiers marching into schools handing out new Government textbooks. That would be OBVIOUS. Tyranny comes in steps…little baby steps. A little control here, a little control there, a little regulation here, a little regulation there. And as those controls and regulations make things worse, the Government offers itself as the only solution, and offers more controls and regulations, and so it goes. Step, by step, by step.

So it went with our healthcare, with our currency, with our K-12 education, with our income taxes. I mean, hell, there isn’t much left the Government ISN’T in control of.

This is one of my favorite lines from the article…

Schultz said the administration would push hard for it. “We take Republicans at their word when they say there is an interest in education,” he said.

If I were a Republican in Congress, I would call his bluff. I would say,

Not only do we have an interest in education, our interest far exceeds what you pretend to call interest! I think we should provide FOUR free years of any college and university including full healthcare coverage, tuition, student housing and a monthly stipend so they can focus on their studies and not concern themselves with making money, a distraction from what matters. In this way, we will have the most educated and prosperous students in the world!!!

My goal would be to bankrupt the system once and for all. Screw all this small time garbage of free cellphones and free healthcare. Lets just do FREE! Free school, free Prius’s and car insurance for commuters, free healthy food for families with children, free laptops for every child in America, free airline tickets for illegals to visit their family in Mexico once a month, free homes for the homeless, free toys for the needy, a free two months off for every worker, free, free, free!

And not a single Liberal could argue against me. Because what’s the difference? What’s the difference between going another $60B in debt versus another $60T in debt? What’s a Liberal going to say? Are they going to say $60T is too much? Oh, but $60B is okay? What is the magic number between $60B and $60T where it’s not okay anymore. They won’t know, they have no idea. They just pull statements like that out of their ass. So let’s do it! Let’s just vote for FREE! FREE EVERYTHING! FREE EVERYTHING FOR EVERYBODY FOREVER!

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