Why Starbuck’s #RaceTogether campaign failed. Next up, #StopDrivebyShootings


So what did Starbucks get in return for its altruistic yet entirely misguided attempt to accuse white people of being racists and then fix their “problem?” Cue black racism against whites in 3…2…1…

Starbucks recently launched, and watched implode on the platform shortly after, their #RaceTogether campaign. Wrapped and presented as a catalyst for social advancement by engaging individuals in conversations about racial tensions through the blunt force of compelling Starbucks barristas to engage in deep philosophical thought with harried and as yet uncaffeinated angry morning mobs, Starbucks engaged in high-risk junk bond style social engineering. Match…meet fuse.

Theories abound about why this fiasco failed so fantastically, and here is yet another one…mine…

#RaceTogether failed because in order to engage white Americans about their racial prejudices, you must start with the assumption that white people are all racist to begin with and are in need of such discussions. But that’s racist too.

That in-your-face prejudice of an entire race funneled down to a single individual just trying to order a latte is going to enrage, rightfully, every white American subjected to it, and is in itself, racism.

Is there racism in America? Yes, just like there are Nazi’s, rapists, child kidnappers, hustlers, pimps, lying politicians, evil religious leaders and people who don’t use their turn signal. If you are trying to find, or legislate Utopia, you’re going to die an early death from stress; both cranky and frustrated. Imperfect humans create an imperfect world. Deal with it. The solution is not to think it’s possible to eradicate any one particular social evil, but to socially ostracize and compartmentalize the evil to carve it out from society, like cancerous tissue, thus limiting, not eliminating, its existence and therefore hobbling its ability to be effective.

Liberals are champions of this strategy which we saw at the emergence of the Tea Party, which the Left considers a pestilent plague and immediately went to work in the media accusing them of racism, hatred, bigotry, religious extremism, intolerance, unfair wealth, conservative shilling, environmental pollution, global warming denial and consisting of copious amounts of anarchists and domestic terrorists, both of which never use their turn signal. This tsunami of venomous Liberal hatred bored into every American’s cranium by the Liberal’s sheer blunt force carved the Tea Party out of society as one carves a soft spot out of an apple before eating it. It didn’t even matter that none of it was true. The simple yet repetitive and incessant drip torture that these lies were true, made them true, and racism is no different.

Racism, for decades now, has already been carved out and compartmentalized. It is no longer a systemic issue worthy of discussion but this repetitive and incessant drip torture by the Left perpetuates in trying to make it true.

Pervasive racism is a fabricated non-issue perpetuated by the shake-down artists, politicians and race-baiters for their personal gain and only the ignorant and those who will benefit from it attempt to claim its existence while holding out their empty hand. We know these snake oil panderers believe racism to be pervasive when a company like Starbucks attempts to address this non-issue through their 12,218 stores saturated from coast to coast.

I am sure if there was money to be made in resurrecting hysteria over diphtheria, trumpeting its evils from 12,000 locations and impregnating every news outlet to broadcast stories about it from dawn to dusk could certainly generate a tsunami of fear, concern, paranoia and cash flows to the perpetrators for something that has been completely eliminated from the United States. Or we could define that as unproductive, just like the discussion of racism in America.

I grew up in rural catholic America in a town with one black girl in my school. When I was a tween, we agreed to meet at the playground and my dad drove me there. She sat on the swing and I pushed her. That was the extent of our “date” and we remained friends through high school. My dad told me years later that he wanted to make sure that I understood that he did not care about race, only about the individual, and he would never judge someone based on race and taking me to that date was him putting his money where his mouth was. In all my life, I have never met a white racist. Whites are concerned about crime, gang violence, the bulging prison system and the cost of welfare. If the majority of these problems are caused by blacks, adjusted for their percentage of the total population, then I can make the argument that it is not any individual black that whites are concerned with, it is the social subculture that a plurality of blacks have built around them and continue to support which does more to drain the productive efforts of everyone else, black and white, Latino and Asian combined, than it does to add to society. Racism requires the judgement of each and every individual, good or bad, to be based entirely on their race. Racism is not what America has; a subculture plagued by crime, single motherhood, rampant welfare and poor schools is what America has, whatever the race, but it benefits the race peddlers to ignore the distinction.

While I and other conservative whites judge every individual, regardless of color, on their own individual merits, the Left and Liberals treat all blacks as a single, giant, helpless, ignorant, needy and uneducated subclass. The Democrats enslaved them in the pre-Civil War south. The Democrats passed the Jim Crow laws forcing segregation between white and black. The Democrats violently fought desegregation and founded the Ku Klux Klan hanging blacks by their necks all across the southern states. The Democrats have since re-enslaved many blacks by creating a perpetual welfare state, destroying the black family unit, and perpetuating the lie that they’re only victims because of white oppression, specifically the whites that are not Democrats. And on election day, who do 95% of blacks vote for? The same white Democrats that were once plantation owners. The irony is staggering.

And as I have said before, as a percentage of their representative population, there are more black racists than white ones. There is a black President of the United States and black actors make millions and star in strings of mega-hits at the box office. Black authors and comedians abound. There are black CEO’s, black political and charitable leaders, black millionaires, black Congressmen and women. Oprah has a mansion that would make the Kings and Princes of most nations jealous. And blacks have achieved all of this in a country that is 70% white. None of what blacks have achieved would be possible in a racist America composed of 70% white people. It simply…could…not…happen. Racist whites would turn out in force to prevent, boycott or rail against all of them.Oprah

Blacks make up barely more than 1/10th of our numbers from coast to coast, and yet we see them everywhere in the highest positions of power and wealth, indeed, the highest position. Racism, as a systemic problem, is dead – and has been for a long time.

The only structural racism remaining in America are black racists who hate whites (or at least say they hate whites when they really don’t either due to peer pressure or financial interests) built upon a foundation of interest groups, the media, brainwashing, the failure or apathy to think for themselves and individuals and organizations that profit from it (including the Government).

So if a Starbucks barista is going to engage white people on 12,218 philosophical battlefields under a false assumption regarding our overt and completely undeniable racism and detestation of the entire black race based on nothing more than that we dared to be born white and that we insulted them by appearing in their Starbucks in such a cavalier, callus and careless way then you can expect us to retaliate because we are not racist, and the very fact that you wish to engage us in such a discussion means you assume that we are, just by our being white and attempting to purchase a latte…racists. But THAT in itself, is racism.

Starbucks fought racism with more racism.

Imagine McDonalds engaging in a #StopDrivebyShootings campaign by forcing their cashiers (many of whom will be white) to engage their customers (many of whom will be black) in a discussion about why so many youths are in the news for drive-by shootings and the death and fear and social decay it causes?

Scene: A young black man (B) walks into a McDonalds to order lunch and approaches a white cashier (C)…

C: “Good Morning, how are you today?”

B: “I’m fine, thanks for asking. Can I have a number two with a large Coke please?”

C: “Absolutely. While we wait for your order to be ready, can we have an honest discussion about drive-by shootings?”

B: “What do you mean?”

C: “I mean that there are many neighborhoods where drive-by shootings are on the rise, and we should all make every effort to do what it takes to teach people that gang violence is not a solution to any problem.”

B: “What does this have to do with me? Is it because I’m black that you wanna talk about this? Is this you educating me because this is my problem? Is it because I’m young and black and you’re white? I bet there aren’t any drive-bys in your WHITE neighborhood are there? So you must be talking about my neighborhoods, right? RIGHT!?!

So yes, this is how white people feel when Starbucks wants to talk about racism because the “wink wink” is that only whites are racist, so them-there white people are the ones needin’ a talkin’ to. Right?

So, if you, Starbucks, want to talk to me about one of our problems, let’s talk about the national debt, unfunded social programs, illegal income taxes, re-written history, a disappearing border, eternal boogeymen justifying massive Government expansion, the destruction of free speech and private property, currency devaluation, unemployment, declining economic prosperity, the backwards slide of the standard of living, Government invasions of privacy, IRS targeting, the tyranny of nationalized healthcare, fractional reserve currency, Keynesianism, Benghazi, the lack of Government transparency, American occupations, global hegemony, corporate fascism, the destruction of the separation of powers, the Gulf of Tonkin lie, the USS Liberty false flag attack, the militarizing of Government administrative departments, going off the gold standard, or the failure and invasive nature of the TSA. This list of problems affects ALL of us, race matters not.

Racism, is not one of our problems. Treating racism as a problem is simply to create a distraction from these real problems that are causing real damage and this distraction is perpetrated by the very same people that perpetuate the threat of racism, which is as much of a threat to us as diphtheria, and they do so precisely because it is a distraction.

In closing, my favorite part of the #RaceTogether campaign was the incredible hate spewed forth by blacks against Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz who concocted this idea and who thought he was doing the races, specifically blacks, a favor by offering his establishments as a place to come together and discuss racial tensions. What he received via Twitter was a whole lot of racism and racial tension in the form of blacks accusing him of elitism and racism, which surprised nobody except Howard Shultz and every other Liberal, who like any typical Leftist, actually thinks that racist blacks are remotely interested in bringing the races together.

Jokes on you Howard! You dumb ass. Welcome to what we all already knew…we call it REALITY. Racist blacks don’t WANT to talk about racism, because they’d have to talk about themselves. You silly rabbit. In fact, let’s make #Reality your next campaign!

From WND

But some blacks around the country were threatened by the idea of a white-owned company initiating a conversation about race. They viciously attacked and mocked the Starbucks CEO, his employees and white people across social media and in various media outlets.

Here’s a very small sample of the vitriol:

One black female tweeted, “I don’t have time to explain 400 years of oppression to you …”

Another black woman tweeted, “#RaceTogether is what happens when a 1%-er without any actual anti-racist education or training has a mid-life ‘white man’s burden’crisis.”

Another said, “If you wanna $Race Together, let’s talk about how many POC (people of color) you employ in corporate, @Starbucks? Who does your PR? Your legal work?”

The Starbucks CEO must have been taken aback by all the hostility. I’m sure that he, like other non-blacks, assumed that all the races want to come together.

The sad reality is, most black Americans are not interested in coming together to heal ongoing race issues. They would rather hate and take from “the oppressor” (white folks).

When black liberals say they want to have a “conversation” about race, what they really mean is they want to continue blaming whitey for past racism and perceived “white privilege.”

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