It’s not about Clinton or Trump. The forest for the trees.

I read an article recently about how emotionally distraught the Hillary supporters have become about having lost the election and someone commented that they felt it had nothing to do with Hillary, personally, rather that she was just a vessel that was going to carry the final wave of progressive/socialist reform that would have lurched the United States forward to an irreversible collectivist utopia. I would like to expand on that idea, as I do quite agree with that comment.

Hillary would have legalized millions of Democrat voters, securing the political future for Democrats for at least an entire generation. This would have secured both the House and the Senate, giving Democrats total control of Congress.  If Hillary voters thought the popular vote, and not the electoral college, clearly showed who the people wanted, wait until millions more Democrat voters are simultaneously granted the right to vote – they will never have to worry about the electoral college again, and the Democrat Party has always known that.

She also would have chosen a progressive Supreme Court Justice to fill the currently vacant seat, securing the judicial branch as nothing more than a cabal of progressive activists, legislating from the bench only those rulings that supported progressive/socialist platforms, significantly more so than they do now, as opposed to their original charter which was simply to declare a law constitutional or unconstitutional.

With the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches firmly under progressive control, the party could move forward unobstructed, and unchallenged by the courts, implementing endless new collectivist policies and moving forward far down the field on existing ones.

Equality of outcome and not equality of opportunity would have been a foregone conclusion as the government entrenched itself permanently into propagandizing our children all the way through university, ramping up taxation on not just the wealthy, but the entire middle class to pay for a broad range of social assistance programs to make good on their promise of outcome equality.

The line between corporations and the government would blur, even more so than it is today, into an indistinguishable corporate fascist oligarchy where the largest corporations and their lobbyists wielded the same power as politicians in passing legislation and protecting their own self interests, while the private Federal Reserve banks would continue earning trillions in interest on the backs of the taxpayer chattel that were sold to the banks in 1913 as collateralized tax slaves to guarantee the out-sized loans the Government takes out to this day to maintain the transfer payment payroll of its legions of Democrat voters.

Subsidies and bailouts of preferred and government-endorsed industries, like the banking industry in 2007, would become passe; an anticipated and highly uneventful expectation by the people under the false but propagandized assumption that they are necessary functions of any government in order to maintain the stability of the “free” market. It was George Bush after all that said, “I‘ve abandoned free market principles to save the free market system.” The sooner people accept that all good things only come from, or must be regulated by the government, including capitalism, the sooner the progressives can put the final yoke on the last free market oxen and double down on their torpid European economic vision, where greatness is seen as a vice to be derided, and sloth simply an undeserved disadvantage foist upon innocent victims simply in need of government assistance to overcome the dealing by others of an unfair hand.

I believe, in the end, it is the loss of this collectivist utopia that they are shedding tears for, not Hillary in particular. But I also believe that we will find no redemption for freedom in Trump, only a delay to the day of reckoning. Trump is a wrinkle in the fabric of the progressive’s long walk, and he will be ironed out soon enough, while amounting to nothing more than a populist tinkerer who will retire from the White House having turned a few knobs and pressed a few buttons, none of which will materially alter the course of our collectivist Titanic.

And unless Trump uses his inherited unconstitutional and unprecedented powers to limit those very same powers for himself and all those that come after him, the collectivist ideology is only ever one election cycle away from complete fulfillment; for that which was built, Trump can knock down, but only to watch it be built again by whomever shall follow him in our new system of democratically elected Monarchs.

If I have learned anything about progressives, it is that patience and time are on their side, and the American people are too apathetic and under-educated to hold them off. The battle line for freedom has been alternately holding and retreating since 1913, and will end ultimately in a victory for the progressive hordes, just like it did in Rome before the fall.

To that end I say to Hillary supporters, fear not, for the decline of society into the depths of your collectivist nightmare is only postponed. Within your lifetime you will bear witness to the final flame of individual freedom extinguished for all time; in America as we know it today.  So do not toss your party favors into the recycle bin just yet; quietly box them up and place them in a closet, not too near the back, for not even dust will have time to dull their colors before you can rejoice aloud once again.

Virtue signaling, equal outcomes, ‘free’ education, ‘free’ healthcare, ‘free’ retirement, ‘free’ unemployment, ‘free’ disability, ‘free’ housing, ‘free’ food, and the combined tyrannical vastness of “keeping us safe” play into the absolutely most diabolical traits of humanity – its narcissism and its apathy which when combined breeds a race of men and women that trade effort and reward for security, where chains are preferred over blood and sweat and where a life of state guaranteed mediocrity is far preferable to even the slightest possibility of discomfort or risk or failure.

Where a breed of conceited humans votes in solidarity to use government legislative coercion to force others to contribute to that which the vain masses view as morally and egoistically superior, both intrinsically and on social media, rather than making their own charitable contributions, or donating their own time, or paying more than their own “fair share” in taxes. Where virtue is measured not in what you do, but what you make others do, and then post on Twitter.

It’s a terrified new world. Ripe for #collectivistharvesting.

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  1. Thank you for this, O sage and exalted Woodchuck. We here in the WOOF cave follow your monographs faithfully, but you have outdone yourself here in sheer sagacity, and—sadly—in your recognition of America’s prevailing gravitation toward a Spenglerian denouement. Many of us who defend the battlements of freedom shoulder to shoulder with thinkers such as you, noble Woodchuck, long ago gave up the giddy supposition that we strode in the vanguard of some decisive counterinsurgency, settling instead for the less delusional premise that–sporadic victories notwithstanding–we are simply defending the breastworks of the Alamo.

    Such, we perceive, are the melancholy insights that temper your remarks, and inform your humorous effort to buoy the spirits of despondent Clintonistas by reminding them that collectivism, like Stanley Baldwin’s aphoristic bomber, will always get through. (So why are liberals always so glum?)

    In light of these sobering considerations we reluctantly agree that Trump’s spectacular electoral triumph, however welcome, signals less a patriotic volte face than a national repugnance to an incompetent and criminal alternative. Put another way, Trump is president because the American people were instructed by their establishment media to accept Hillary Clinton as a flawed vessel, but retained sufficient intuitive acuity to realize she was entirely cracked. As you correctly insinuate, we won’t be so lucky every time. But fight on, noble Woodchuck. The Alamo attracts a better class of people, after all; the bar is always open–and only secular humanists want to live forever.

    –Your fans at Watchdogs of Our Freedom

  2. This article is so full of horse shit. You blame democrats for all of societies ails like a raving conspiracy theorist. Keep telling yourself you’re protecting REAL freedom and equality. You’re more sanctimonious than any Democrat, but please go on believing you’re God’s gift to us all.

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