Under the ‘guise of privacy,’ you have no right.

So I keep seeing these commercials on-line from Apple showing how imporant privacy is, and how they keep working to maintain privacy on iPhone. Last I heard, the Government could pretty much get into any iPhone anyway so I assumed maybe something changed. I start Googling and find a NY Times article on the increased protections that Apple has added to the iPhone.

Inside that article is the following quote from Hillar Moore, the district attorney in Baton Rouge, La who has paid lots of money to get several iPhones cracked.:

“They are blatantly protecting criminal activity, and only under the guise of privacy for their clients,” he said.

The “guise of privacy?” Privacy is just a guise now?

Well hell….then we can have under the guise of free speech, under the guise of gun rights, under the guise of a trial by jury. Shit, what an awesomely usefully destructive word, guise is.

If privacy is a guise, then, according to Mr. Moore, we should just eliminate privacy all together when it comes to, “your safety” – the 2,000 year old trope used to get idiots to surrender all of their freedoms for, what I will call, the “guise of safety.” Hell, consider the TSA. If that’s not a guise I don’t know no guises at all.

Privacy is a fundamental right. Rights are hard. Some people don’t like things that are hard. They like easy. Simples. Like totalitarianism. Muy simples.

Rights protect the majority of people, but they sometimes let bad things happen. And its these bad things that idiots like Mr. Moore capitalize on so the majority will surrender their rights. And, as he is probably aware, there are a sufficient number of idiots in the majority that will give up their freedoms with a smile. I should rephrase that, there are a sufficient number of idiots that will give up EVERYONE’s freedoms, not just their own, with a smile.

Why not allow random searches of homes? Random searches of cars along the streets? Random searches of businesses? There should be laws that businesses save all emails and texts on a server for ten years in case law enforcement ever needs to go back and read EVERYTHING you ever wrote because you committed a crime recently. All your GPS information should be saved for ten years by the GPS companies, just in case. Why not?

You know….YOU KNOW…that these searches and all this data would absolutely without a doubt catch criminals. If privacy is just a “guise” then let’s dispense with the freedom bullshit and go ALL FUCKING IN on the elimination of private property, which is just the word privacy as it relates to shit you own. If the iPhone you own is not private property, then neither is anything else.

For example, the safety we might expect under the guise of freedom.

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  1. LOL, that guy seems to think Apple is marketing iPhones to criminals.

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