Have you see the new study that just came out? The article was posted by the US National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health.

Turns out we were right.   And the title of the study says it all…“Increases in COVID are unrelated to levels of [jabs] across 68 countries and 2947 counties in the United States”  – Published July 2021 in the European Journal of Epidemiology.

Yep, that’s the title.

And get this…In the findings and results of these studies, this was their conclusion.

“At the country-level, there appears to be no discernable relationship between percentage of population fully vaccinated and new COVID-19 cases…”

Here’s just ONE example…of dozens….

100% vaccination rate (orange line), and it made absolutely no difference in the case numbers (black line)….although it did increase the numbers of people dying or being disabled from the jab. Remember when we were told that the mRNA provided “long-lasting” and “robust” protection against COVID and its variants? Remember that? Remember when we were told it was “100% safe?” Remember when we were told that we could “return to normal” once enough people had been jabbed? Lie after lie after lie….and people still lining up to get a booster from a jab that was designed to target a variant that is NOT the Delta variant, when Delta is 99% of COVID in the US. People risking their lives to take a jab of a shot that’s absolutely worthless against the prevailing variant and only lasts 4.5-6 months before precipitously falling in efficacy – to uselessness. Hence boosters.

You can’t make this stuff up…AND…you won’t ever hear about this in the mainstream media.

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  1. Have you looked at how vaccination rates impact hospitalization and death?

    Have you considered that as vaccination rates go up, the willingness and ability to engage in behavior that leads to the spread of disease generally goes up?

    When we didn’t have the vaccine in the U.S., we had far fewer options to gather together. When we did gather, we employed more mitigation measures such as masks and distancing than now that we have a lot of people vaccinated.

    The OC Covid Dashboard has shown the case rate among unvaccinated people to be at least 5 or 6 times the case rate of vaccinated people. source: “Cases by Vaccination Status” tab of

    • You’d agree that vaccines should never be mandatory and only voluntary, correct?

      • I suppose I would have to disagree. My kids go to public school where a bunch of vaccines are required for enrollment. I don’t see how this is relevant to my comment above though.

      • It’s relevant to the extent that we can argue over the data, or we don’t need to argue over the data because “to each his own.” It really makes the whole discussion moot if everyone agrees, for whatever variety of reasons each person has, that its immoral to force a jab on someone.

        So I guess if you disagree, then you, personally, would be willing to come to my house and stick a needle in me and my kids arms? Because if you’re not willing to do that, and you’d prefer to remain anonymous and outsource that violence to the government, then this is a different conversation.

      • I am not opposed to the existing vaccines that are mandatory to attend public school. Accepting that reality is not the same as forcing every living person to be vaccinated. Getting vaccinated to attend public school is the price of admission to share that space with others and seems to be a reasonable requirement.

        The data certainly seems relevant to those that don’t support mandates. As individuals, we should make informed decisions, right? You made a post about data and have comments turned on, so I figured you were open to discussing the content of your post.

      • Before the mRNA, I supported the “classical” vaccinations, but the level of corruption, collusion and, basically, “evil” that has come out of the the CDC, FDA, the White House, MSM and Social Media platforms, has made me sympathetic to anyone that doesn’t even trust the “classic” vaccinations. I will never trust information or guidance from these entities every again. When you see the entire power structure line-up behind one single objective, with the complete elimination of dissent or discussion or intellectual curiosity on counter-narrative anomalous data then a red flag looms large that something is not right.

        The mRNA therapy treatment is not the same as traditional vaccines, so there is no sense in comparing it to them…at all. It doesn’t matter that it’s been around for 20+ years, or that they’ve been using it experimental in humans, mostly for experimental cancer treatments, and on patients that are end of life. It’s never been approved for mass human use because it’s never been safe enough. Suddenly it is? I don’t think so.

        If someone is in the risk group, or someone just decides to participate in the experiment, that is their choice and I would never mandate that they DON’T do it. By the same token, I would never mandate that they SHOULD do it. So vaccine passports, OSHA ETS and Federal Worker Contractor mandates are Nazi-Level Fascist political tools to control and manipulate the population. Basically, they’re fucking evil shit. NONE of these follows “the science” of what has been accepted practice for dealing with a pandemic.

        So along that vein, if they require children to be jabbed with the mRNA not-a-vaccine to go to school, when the risk from COVID for children is 0 – then an evil travesty is occuring. We are already seeing the stories of perfectly healthy teenagers dropping dead. There were two in ONE SCHOOL the other day, that “died suddenly” which will be the poster headline for the next 12 months. So, the “price of admission” for kids is death or disability from the mRNA – or the long term health effects that we DONT EVEN KNOW ABOUT yet. It’s absolutely insane why anyone would agree to part of this experiment.

        I will sell everything I own, move anywhere I have to, do anything I need to do, to make sure my kids never have this injected in them. They have ZERO risk from COVID, NO scientist following decades of established science would EVER recommend that a group with ZERO risk of death from a pathogen be injected with an experimental therapy treatment with countless UNKNOWNS, and the FDA bypasses its own safety committee that agreed with EVERY scientist, and they went ahead and approved the jab for kids. SOMETHING IS WRONG. SOMETHING IS GOING VERY VERY WRONG. And whatever it is, it’s evil and it’s going to kill more people than COVID ever did – and we won’t realize what was done to us, the massive extent of the damage – for a decade or more – or when we finally get to see the safety data which – as you know – the FDA is requesting a a 55 year delay on releasing. LMAO. I mean – damn….how many big ass red flags does anyone need to see we are being fucked? So I trust nothing that comes from any of the “approved” sources and I question everything because we have been, and coninue to be lied to 24/7.

      • So you don’t have any response to my original comments?

        I remember when we could have an exchange of ideas via email, but this discussion has not been very productive. I’m not sure why you make leaps such as me saying that I’m okay with vaccines being mandatory in some settings (i.e. the way public schools have operated for decades) to me or the government violently intruding into your home and forcing a needle in your arm.

        I’d be happy to have a discussion, but this feels like talking to a politician where they ignore the question asked of them and instead answer the question they wish was asked.

        The blunder you make in drawing conclusions about the effectiveness (or lack thereof) or masks, vaccines, etc from the aggregate data you’re reading is known as ecological fallacy:

        “ecological fallacy, also called ecological inference fallacy, in epidemiology, failure in reasoning that arises when an inference is made about an individual based on aggregate data for a group.”

        Unvaccinated people are about 6 times more likely to test positive for covid and 14 times more likely to die from it.

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